Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Variety Club History

The first objective of this page is to provide links to details of past DVC and Rising Stars productions, starting with the most recent.

Where available, the shows' programmes are provided. The coverage can also include -

  • R - a Review.
  • P - Photographs.

Previous Years’ DVC Productions

* - These productions were Reviews rather than Pantomimes.

Broken Leg Award

As with every amdram production, it is the things that go wrong that sometimes create the greatest amusement. In recognition of this, DVC has a special trophy presented annually to the person (or in one case persons) who have contributed the most significant “disaster” to the year’s production.

The original trophy took the form of a complete leg plaster-cast on which the names of the recipients were recorded. In 2017 there was no space left for any more names so a new similarly styled, but rather less bulky, replacement was provided.

The “Winners”

  • 2024 Karen Wilby
  • 2023 Denise Grant
  • 2020 Terry Fox
  • 2019 Chris Hutton
  • 2018 Caroline Hutton
  • 2017 Peter Grant
  • 2016 Michelle Nial
  • 2015 Gary Nial
  • 2014 Denise Grant
  • 2013 Chris Whipps
  • 2012 Pauline Townsend
  • 2011 Nigel Seamans
  • 2010 Margaret Parsons
  • 2009 Adrian Hipwell
  • 2008 Phil Morgan
  • 2007 Pauline Townsend
  • 2006 Eddie Winter
  • 2005 George Porter and Nigel Seamans
  • 2004 Chris Whipps
  • 2003 Richard Wallace
  • 2002 Roger Dove
  • 2001 Richard Carden
  • 2000 Karen Dove
  • 1999 Denise Grant
  • 1998 Margaret Parsons
  • 1997 Phil Morgan
  • 1996 Matt Smith
  • 1995 Johnnie Carslake
  • 1994 Ken Ashton
  • 1993 Sally Barber
  • 1992 Doris Battell

Best Supporting Role

A more recent addition to the awards handed out at the cast party that always follows the final performance of DVC productions is this, suitably shaped,trophy which recognises not the star of the show, they can always bathe in the recognition of their peers, but the person who has, on or off the stage, provided that essential support for the production as a whole.

The “Winners”

  • 2023 Peter Grant
  • 2020 Sara Fox
  • 2019 Charlotte Valori
  • 2018 Sue Altarelli
  • 2017 Harry Norfolk
  • 2016 Sarah Henderson

Rising Stars Shows

Where available programmes etc are held on separate pages (in blue).

The Rising Stars Song

The Stars have their own special song which is normally sung, to the tune of the traditional Floral Dance, as the finale of each show.

We're The Stars