Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Village History

These pages contain a number of items, some general - some more specific, which cover Denton's long history as a community.
It is hoped to gradually expand it futher, including additional links to other suitable sites. Offers of relevant material or suggestions for new topics are most welcome. Watch this space!

A Brief History of Denton
Two short summaries of Denton's history.
Denton Archaeology
Denton from the earliest times.
Denton in the Domesday Book
References to Denton from 1086.
Castle Hill & Darrow Wood
Denton Castle, owned by the National Trust.
Church History
Denton's oldest building, its clergy etc.
People from Denton's Past
Information about former residents of Denton including those listed on the parish war memorial.
More Recent Obituaries
Obituaries as recorded in the Parish News.
Denton's Buildings
Information about the history of some of the buildings in the village.
Denton's Farms
Information about the history of farms in the village.
Old Photographs of the Village
Some village scenes recorded in old photographs.
Parish Council
Historical information about the Council and other aspects of local government.
Information about the history of local transport and telecommunications.
The Village Shop
Information about the history of Denton's former shop and post office.
Denton in World War II
Two aspects of wartime life in the village.
Millennium 2000
How Denton celebrated the Millennium.
Review 2009
2009 Annual Review.
Review 2010
2010 Annual Review.
Review 2011
2011 Annual Review.
Reviewe 2012
2012 Annual Review.
Review 2013
2013 Annual Review.
Review 2014
2014 Annual Reviewe.
Review 2015
2015 Annual Review.
Review 2016
2016 Annual Review.
Review 2017
2017 Annual Review.
Review 2018
2018 Annual Review.
Review 2019
2019 Annual Review.
Review 2020
2020 Annual Review.
Review 2021
2021 Annual Review.
Review 2022
2022 Annual Review.
Review 2023
2023 Annual Review.
Denton's Farming Festival.
Village Quiz
For the Brain of Denton Trophy.
Table Tennis
The history of Denton's TT Tournament.
Other Links
Links to other useful sites.

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