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Christmas Is Here

Christmas celebrations officially started on Friday at Denton Village Hall.

At 5.00 pm the Lights at the hall and across the village came on and the Christmas Market declared open.

The hall was crowded and the various stalls did a roaring trade. As a result a massive £1,311 was raised for Church Funds.

The Shining Stars

The stars were really shining on Denton last Sunday afternoon when "Snow White" was performed at the Village Hall.

This was our own Rising Stars annual show and they all rose to the occasion. More that 20 young people filled the stage and the audience, as the Stars own song goes, of "Mas and Pas, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties too" plus many others, had a great time.

It was a very "liberal" interpretation of the original tale - no sign of any dwarfs, but crocodiles seemed to take their place very well. Some of the performers were, as usual, more involved than others, though at one point the cry from one of the youngest of "I want a wee" added to the fun, but they all joined in.

Congratulations and thanks must go to everyone involved but a special word to the writer and director - Gill Hipwell.

Last Place Filled

The last vacancy on Denton Parish Council has now been filled.

At the elections back in May there were only five nominations for the seven places on the Council. As previously reported, the first gap was filled at the July meeting. At Tuesday's Council meeting the final vacancy was sorted out when Helen Sida-Page was co-opted.

Another Good Show

Despite problems for gardeners caused by recent weather conditions, this year's Open Show organised by the Gardening Club was a great success.

There were plenty of entries in most of the classes and, as usual, the Hall was filled with colour. The Overall Champion was Anne Carden but full details of all the competition results can be found on the Gardening Club's Show History Page.

Another Great Dentill

Dentill 2019, held on Sunday, was a great success; the best ever according to several observers of this biennial event.

Blessed with excellent weather, there was a record turn-out of visitors, farm vehicles, vintage cars etc. The various stalls, plus of course the beer and food tents, did a roaring trade. A great day was had by all.

Congratulations to everyone involved but especially to Adrian Hipwell and his organising committee.
Further details and pictures can be found on the Dentill Website.

A Great Night at the Bouledrome

Denton's Blackhand Cyder Society 2019 Boules Tournament was blessed with warm sunshine which saw 87 members and friends gather at the Mill Farm Bouledrome on Sunday for this annual event.

The afternoon started well with England's historic Test Match victory over Australia, but then the serious local contest got under way.18 teams of three entered the draw – a 50% increase on last year and games were all great fun and, occasionally, very competitive.

In the final of the main competition, after a well fought contest, the Lincoln Shrimps (Joe, Helen and Jaydn, née Fitzgerald) beat Great Boules of Fire (Kate, Lubi, and Charlotte).
The Plate Competition saw Chris and Co (Jean, Doris and Chris) beat The Skinns (Malcolm, Janet and Chris K).
It was great to see so many "two-generation" teams taking part.

Thanks must go to everyone who came and joined in or just came and enjoyed relaxing in the sunshine, but especially to Adèle and David who organised and hosted the event so well.

It's Moved!


To everyone’s delight the footpath sign half way up The Walks has been moved, presumably by the Highways Authority?

When the sign was first installed, a year or so ago, users of The Walks were bemused. Instead of placing it in the logical place, at the junction of The Walks (BR25) and the footpath going across to Pockthorpe Lane (FP5), it was position about 50 metres to the South and thus served no real purpose at all.

Now, at last, it has been moved to its correct location at the junction to guide visiting walkers.

Darts On Target

Denton's first Darts Tournament, held at the Village Hall last Friday, was a great success.

The competition was won by Paul Sharpe from Middle Road, 2nd place was taken by Terry Hanner. and in third place was Sarah Utting. The sweepstake was won by Janet Howman.

Special thanks to Patrick Utting, Chris Whipps and John Chapman for Refereeing games, and to Jean Whipps for a fantastic job of cooking the sausages and burgers.

The night raised £96.00 which will be used for a new game or sport at the village hall. The next Games Night will be in November when a Draughts competition might be staged.

One Down, One To Go

Back in May, at the four-yearly PC elections, there were only five nominations for the seven places on Denton Parish Council.

When this happens, and it often does (the same situation arose in 2015), the five who have been elected, unopposed, have the ability to co-opt other people to fill the vacant positions.

At last week's DPC meeting, they duly did this by co-opting Robert Fearnley of Manor Farm to join them. Congratulations and thanks to Robert.

We understand the Council hope to fill the second, and final, place at their next meeting in September. Any Denton resident over the age of 18 is entitled to put their name forward. How about you?

Completed At Last


It is six years since, in 2013, Denton's Victorian and most northerly Postbox, at the junction of the Norwich and Darrow Green Roads, was stolen and replaced by a modern version.

However throughout those years it has not been equipped with the standard Collection Plate on the front with details of collection times etc. We are delighted to report that this omission has finally been rectified, even if the new notice is labelled as "Temporary"!

Details of the Theft.
And the Replacement can be found in the News Archives.

Festival Time

This year's Summer Festival, or was it "Gin & Beer" Festival?, proved to be as successful as it's predecessors. A big turn-out from the village and further afield; everybody had a great time.

Excellent entertainment was provided by a series of musicians including: Hogie, Sam Norfolk, Andy Fitzgerald, Yield, The Dentones and Folk Collective.


Delicious food, pulled pork rolls etc. plus ice-creams, was available and the three bars were kept very busy, even if prices were a little higher than usual at the Village Hall. One highlight of the event was the amazing raffle with a superb range of prizes. Perhaps the best was the special chocolate cake made in the shape of a barrel.

raf cake note

The day raised more than £2,000 for Hall funds.

Thank-you Lunch

The Church in Denton held a special "Thank-you" Lunch at the Village Hall last Sunday.

The objective was to recognise the contribution of so many people to the work of the Church and the Chapel recently, particularly in terms of the major restoration work at St Mary's and the re-roofing and re-decoration of the Chapel.


After an excellent meal the Rector addressed the gathering and thanked everyone involved. Presentations were then made to a number of people notably Eddie Winter, Johnnie Carslake and Terry Hanner.

APM Time

Denton's APM, Annual Parish Meeting, is to be held in a week's time on Tuesday 14th May at the Village Hall starting at 7.00 pm.

The main item on the agenda will be Reports from a number of village clubs and organisations but, under AOB, any matters affecting the village can be raised. Your chance to get something important off your chest?

The Agenda can be seen on the Website.

The APM will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. Following the recent election, where only five nominations were submitted, there are two vacancies on the Council to be filled by co-option. How about you?

The Famous Five

Congratulations must go to the five Denton residents who have put their names forward to serve on the Parish Council for the next four years. There are seven places available so they have all been declared elected unopposed.

They are: Ken Ashton, Zoe Brown*, Melissa Bunn, Terry Hanner* and Christine Kerr*. * indicates a current member of the Council. The two gaps will presumably be filled by co-option in due course.

Our thanks must also be recorded to the three current members not seeking re-election: Roger Gibson, Peter Grant and Kerry Norfolk.

T T T Report

A gathering of 24 energetic players (12 ladies and 12 gentlemen) swished, swashed and skillfully threaded their way through a snowstorm of table tennis balls at Denton’s annual Table Tennis Tournament last Friday.

After a total of 102 games the winners of the Denton Shields were Gill and Adrian Hipwell, despite the visiting Ditchingham duo of Dougie and Sharon winning the tournament outright. Last year’s winners the ‘King of Spin’ and Doris Lambert have been temporarily dethroned.

Thanks to all who attended; a good time was had by all.

Thanks also to Steve and Annie Whitemen who organised the event so well yet again.

Meetings Lovely Meetings

A series of new coming events have been announced recently. Full details can be found elsewhere on the Village Website.

The Parish Council have arranged this year's Annual Parish Meeting for Tuesday, 14th May. It is hoped that a number of local Clubs etc. will be reporting on their activities and this is your chance to raise any local issues that are causing concern.

Of course, this meeting will be after the Parish Council elections on Thursday 2nd May. If you are really concerned about local issues - why not stand for election?

The Gardening Club have announced their Summer Programme; so summer cannot be too far away. This includes details of the Open Show in September and, most important of all, the recipe for the Gentlemen's cookery competition.

A View from the Hatch

This year's offering from the Variety Club was a pantomime with a difference. Cyder with Bertie , "A Cyder Drama spiced with pagan sacrifice, mulled with a moral crusade and screaming with intrigue ..." ran to packed houses at the Village Hall last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The audiences seemed to survive, and even enjoy, the experience. The cast certainly did though sometimes perhaps regretting they could not do proper justice to Charlotte Valori's excellent script. Some have their fingers crossed as they await the verdict of the show's reviewer (see below). They all appreciated the great support from the orchestra and the back-stage crew.

As usual for DVC productions, Barbara Spaul did a wonderful job with the costumes and make-up. Based in the Hall kitchen she kept an eye on things through the hatch and used her "Hatch Cam" to great effect. A sample of the results appears below.


Further details including the Programme and a Review are now available in the DVC History Section.

New Home for the Bone

The Annual Village Quiz Night, held at the Hall on Saturday, was a great success. The questions were suitably challenging, the food was excellent, but most important the relaxed atmosphere was that of a typical Denton event and everyone had a good time.

Great credit must go the Quizmasters, Denise and Peter Grant, who did a wonderful job setting the questions and keeping everybody on their toes. Even the inter-round jokes were much enjoyed. There seemed to be fewer challenges to the correctness of the given answers this year. So the destination of the "Bone of Contention" trophy was in doubt until Abi Symonds put in a bid and was suitably rewarded. She must like the event; she was in the winning team last year,

This year's runaway winners of the "Brain of Denton" trophy were the "University Challengers". Obviously clearly carefully selected for their wide knowledge they led from start to finish.


The winners; Pauline Townsend, Pio and Sue Atlarelli, Allan & Sarah Henderson, Kim & Phil Poulton and Charlotte Valori.

As usual the Chilli Supper, which included apple crumble and custard, organised by Jean Whipps, was excellent and the bar did a roaring trade.

A Sad Loss on DPC

Denton residents have been saddened by the news that the Chair of the Parish Council is standing down.

At the end of the Council's January meeting Kay Wiltshire announced that she was resigning from the position of Chair and from the Council itself for personal reasons. Other members expressed their regrets and thanked Kay for her excellent service over the last two years. Similar comments are circulating amongst other Denton residents. Kay has done a great job and will be sadly missed.

The Council's Vice-Chair, Terry Hanner, will take over the helm until the whole Council comes up for election in May.

Anyone for Pool?

Use of the pool table at the Village has increased recently but the condition of the baize on the table has deteriorated.

At their recent meeting the Hall Management Committee decided to get the table recovered. They are also investigating installing a jacking system which would make moving the table around, for events etc., much easier.

Another Route to Fast Broadband

Some good news for those residents struggling with low broadband speeds was announced at this month's meeting of Denton Parish Council.

While new fibre links have been installed for some of BT's Green Boxes serving the village not all households can take advantage and their owners are not happy.

At the DPC meeting on 8th January our local SNC Cllr., Dr Murray Gray, reported that the District Council were trying to get round this problem by installing wireless broadband connection systems in poorly served areas across South Norfolk. This was intended to ensure that every SN resident had access to a 10 Mgb service.

One potential site for a transmitting mast for this system is the top of St Mary's Church tower. Watch that space!

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