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A View from the Hatch

This year's offering from the Variety Club was a pantomime with a difference. Cyder with Bertie , "A Cyder Drama spiced with pagan sacrifice, mulled with a moral crusade and screaming with intrigue ..." ran to packed houses at the Village Hall last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The audiences seemed to survive, and even enjoy, the experience. The cast certainly did though sometimes perhaps regretting they could not do proper justice to Charlotte Valori's excellent script. Some have their fingers crossed as they await the verdict of the show's reviewer (see below). They all appreciated the great support from the orchestra and the back-stage crew.

As usual for DVC productions, Barbara Spaul did a wonderful job with the costumes and make-up. Based in the Hall kitchen she kept an eye on things through the hatch and used her "Hatch Cam" to great effect. A sample of the results appears below.


Further details including the Programme and a Review are now available in the DVC History Section.

New Home for the Bone

The Annual Village Quiz Night, held at the Hall on Saturday, was a great success. The questions were suitably challenging, the food was excellent, but most important the relaxed atmosphere was that of a typical Denton event and everyone had a good time.

Great credit must go the Quizmasters, Denise and Peter Grant, who did a wonderful job setting the questions and keeping everybody on their toes. Even the inter-round jokes were much enjoyed. There seemed to be fewer challenges to the correctness of the given answers this year. So the destination of the "Bone of Contention" trophy was in doubt until Abi Symonds put in a bid and was suitably rewarded. She must like the event; she was in the winning team last year,

This year's runaway winners of the "Brain of Denton" trophy were the "University Challengers". Obviously clearly carefully selected for their wide knowledge they led from start to finish.


The winners; Pauline Townsend, Pio and Sue Atlarelli, Allan & Sarah Henderson, Kim & Phil Poulton and Charlotte Valori.

As usual the Chilli Supper, which included apple crumble and custard, organised by Jean Whipps, was excellent and the bar did a roaring trade.

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