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Darts On Target

Denton's first Darts Tournament, held at the Village Hall last Friday, was a great success.

The competition was won by Paul Sharpe from Middle Road, 2nd place was taken by Terry Hanner. and in third place was Sarah Utting. The sweepstake was won by Janet Howman.

Special thanks to Patrick Utting, Chris Whipps and John Chapman for Refereeing games, and to Jean Whipps for a fantastic job of cooking the sausages and burgers.

The night raised £96.00 which will be used for a new game or sport at the village hall. The next Games Night will be in November when a Draughts competition might be staged.

One Down, One To Go

Back in May, at the four-yearly PC elections, there were only five nominations for the seven places on Denton Parish Council.

When this happens, and it often does (the same situation arose in 2015), the five who have been elected, unopposed, have the ability to co-opt other people to fill the vacant positions.

At last week's DPC meeting, they duly did this by co-opting Robert Fearnley of Manor Farm to join them. Congratulations and thanks to Robert.

We understand the Council hope to fill the second, and final, place at their next meeting in September. Any Denton resident over the age of 18 is entitled to put their name forward. How about you?

Completed At Last


It is six years since, in 2013, Denton's Victorian and most northerly Postbox, at the junction of the Norwich and Darrow Green Roads, was stolen and replaced by a modern version.

However throughout those years it has not been equipped with the standard Collection Plate on the front with details of collection times etc. We are delighted to report that this omission has finally been rectified, even if the new notice is labelled as "Temporary"!

Details of the Theft.
And the Replacement can be found in the News Archives.

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