Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Rectors of St Mary's Church

This is a list of all the Rectors of St Mary's since the reign of Edward the First.

  • Edward I 1272–1307
    • 1302: William de Breyhill
      Chaplain to the King who granted a "prohibition" that no-one should molest him for non-residence.
  • Edward II 1307–1327
    • 1317: William de Diss. Presented by Sir John Cove, Kt.
  • Edward III 1327–1377
    • 1334: Peter de Bledneworth. Presented by Thomas de Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk.
    • 1346: Richard de Bowgheyn. Presented by Lady Eve de Takeshall.
    • 1353: William de Panham
      Described as a "shaveling" (a term of contempt for Monk or Priest referring to their shaven heads). He was deprived of the living the same year by the King, overruling his appointment by Sir Adam de Clifton, Kt. The King then nominated his successor.
    • 1354: William de Gyppewico (Ipswich). Presented by the King.
    • 1357: Richard de Burtone. Presented by Sir Adam Clifton, Kt.
    • 1357: Richard de Skidley. Presented by the King.
    • 1361: William de Stoke. Presented by Sir Adam Clifton, Kt.
    • 1365: John de Horsham. Presented by Sir Robert Bernake, Kt.
  • Richard II 1377–1399
    • 1380: Robert Eyhom. Presented by Margaret, Countess of Norfolk.
  • Henry IV 1399–1413
    • 1407: John Holm. Presented by Richard Geght and others.
  • Henry V 1413–1422
  • Henry VI 1422–1461
    • 1432: Ralph Wolman. Presented by Sir Ralph, Lord Cromwell & Tateshall.
    • 1460: Robert Hoope Ll.B.. Presented by John, Duke of Norfolk.
  • Edward IV 1461–1483
    • 1468: Thomas Cosyn S.T.B. (a lapse)
  • Edward V 1483–1483
  • Richard III 1483–1485
  • Henry VII 1485–1509
  • Henry VIII 1509–1547
    • 1511: Edward Almer B.D. Presented by Thomas, Earl of Surrey.
    • 1532: Richard Cornwalyes. Presented by Thomas, Duke of Norfolk.
      He was appointed to the living at the age of ten (or eleven). The Pope allowed him to hold the Rectory "in Commendani" until he was 18 when he was installed as Rector.
    • 1545: Henry Symondes
  • Edward VI 1547–1553
  • Mary I 1553–1558
    • 1554: Henry Carter
  • Elizabeth I 1558–1603
    • 1562: John Porter
    • 1574: John Porter (his son). Presented by William Dix and William Cantrell, feoffees to the Duke of Norfolk.
  • James I 1603–1625
  • Charles I 1625–1653
    • 1638: William Goode (or Good?) S.T.B. Presented by John Woodward.
      A Puritan and staunch Parliamentarian. It was recorded that when he preached to the members of the House of Commons it was "one of the most dull and tedious sermons that has ever been published".
  • The Commonwealth 1653–1660
    • 1650: Thomas Lawson. Presented by Sir Robert Wilton.
    • 1659: Robert Rogerson. Presented by Henry Howard, second son of the Earl of Arundel.
      He served for 55 years, during the reigns of five monarchs.
      The first Rector of Denton on the restoration of King Charles II. He gave up his living of Ampton in Suffolk to serve in Denton. "He gave by will to the Rector of Denton and his successors, on trust, a parcel of land (six acres) which his father had purchased from Robert Snell. One part of the clear yearly rent was to support and maintain a Church of England school in the parish, and in failure of such school in furnishing every poor family with a Bible, Whole Duty of Man, and Christian Monitor, and every poor person with a Common Prayer Book; and in providing with the remainder, so many loaves of bread to be distributed in the church every first Sunday in the month, after evening Service, amongst such poor housekeepers as should constantly join in the common prayers of the church, and frequently receive the holy sacraments; the other parts of the clear rents to be paid to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel In Foreign Parts, or in its failure to the relief of poor widows and children of the clergy of Norfolk, at the Rector's discretion".
      The Rogerson Trust continues to this day.
      Part of the land is now Rogerson's Wood.
      He was born June 4, 1627, and died March 5, 1715. He married Barbara Gooch at Denton after taking up the living. She had been born in 1637, and died 1684. They produced six children, the first being called Thomas and the fourth Elizabeth (see below). The Rev. Thomas Rogerson lies buried in the chancel of the church.
  • Charles II 1660–1685
  • James II 1685–1689
  • William III & Mary II 1689–1702
  • Anne 1702–1714
  • George I 1714–1727
    • 1715: Mathew Postlethwaite M.A. Presented by Robert Horne.
      Later Rector of Redenhall and Archdeacon of Norwich. John P, his uncle who was High Master of St Paul's School and a fellow of Merton College, Oxford was patron of the parish which presumably accounted for his nephew's appointment. By will John later gave the patronage of Denton to the Archbishops of Canterbury for ever.
      His first wife was Elizabeth Rogerson was the daughter of his predecessor. They had three children, Barbara, Elizabeth and finally John who eventually succeeded his father as Rector of Denton.
      The two sisters were lifelong correspondents and a book based on their letters, 'Your affectionate and loving sister': by Nigel Surry (published by the Larks Press in 2000), contains lots of interesting information about life in Denton and elsewhere at that time.

      A special page provides more detailed information on the Postlethwaite Family.

  • George II 1727–1760
    • 1745: John Postlethwaite M.A., son of his predecessor Matthew.
    • 1750: George Sandby D.D.
      He served for 57 years and was Chancellor of the Norwich Diocese. He was also Master of Magdalene College Cambridge for fourteen years and Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University in 1760.
      He lived at Denton Lodge rather than the Rectory and erected the brick building on the edge of the playing field on Norwich Road for the storage of poors coal. He may well have been a relation of the well-known watercolour artist Paul Sandby 1731 – 1809, one of the founder members of the Royal Academy, who painted a view of Denton Church.
      George died at Denton 24th March 1807 aged 90.
      His son, confusingly, another Rev. George S., succeeded him as the owner of Denton Lodge but was also a rector and vicar across the river in Suffolk. One "achievemet" was receiving a payment in 1835 under the Slavery Compensation Act. This came from his mother's membership of the Acres family. They owned a sugar plantation in Jamaica.
      This was reported here in a News Item in June 2020.
  • George III 1760–1820
    • 1807: William Chester. Presented by the Archbishop of Canterbury. A graduate of Merton College, Oxford, at the same time he was Rector of Walpole St Peter. Details of the ten children he produced with his wife Elizabeth are provided in the church's Baptism Records.
      • Charlotte, baptised 5/03/1813. In 1836 she married the Revd. Salisbury Everard M.A. Vicar of Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland.
      • Charles Montague, baptised 14/03/1815.
      • Louisa, baptised 6/06/1816.
      • William, baptised 29/06/1817.
      • Fanny, baptised 7/02/1819.
      • Mary, baptised 21/08/1820.
      • Henry Augustus, baptised 27/05/1822.
      • Robert Bagot, baptised 22/09/1815.
      • Charles Montague, baptised 14/03/1824.
      • Greville John, baptised 1/11/1830.
  • George IV 1820–1830
  • William IV 1830–1837
  • Victoria 1837–1901
    • 1839: William Arundel Bouverie D.D.
      Also Honorary Cannon of Norwich Cathedral and Archdeacon of Norfolk, was a great benefactor of the Church and carried out much restoration work including the building of the clergy vestry.
      Further details of his life appear on Separate Page.
    • 1877: John Richard Turner Eaton M.A.
      Honary Cannon of Worcester Cathedral.
    • 1879: Arundel Charles St. John Mildmay M.A.
      He was a nephew of William Bouverie.
    • 1885: Charles Thomas Crutwell M.A.
    • 1891: John Richard Turner Eaton M.A.
      For the second time.
    • 1896: Kenwick Prescot M.A.
  • Edward VII 1901–1910
    • 1905: W. E. Bolland
  • George V 1910–1936
    • 1916: T. Herbert Bindley, M.A., B.D., D.D.
      Previously Archdeacon of Barbados and Principal of a college in Barbados. His grave is marked by a celtic cross immediately to the west of the north porch of the church.
    • 1931: J. W. Courtes Lavers, A.K.C.
  • Edward VIII 1936–1936
  • George VI 1936–1952
    • 1938: J. H. Bligh M.A.
    • 1948–1958: No Rector appointed
  • Elizabeth II 1952
    • 1959: The Parish was united with Alburgh.
    • 1959: John C. Pallister B.A.
    • 1966: Robert William Strowther Close
    • 1974: Michael Bernard Moreton M.A. D.Phil.
    • 1976: Gerald Ralph Epps B.A – Priest in charge
    • 1977: David Napley
    • 1978: The Parish was united with Alburgh and Earsham.
    • 1983: John Edward Frank Walden
    • 1986: Local ecumenical project formed.
    • 1991: John Samuel Read
    • 1998: Ian Bentley
    • 1999: New benefice formed with Alburgh, Broome, Ditchingham, Earsham and Hedenham.
    • 2006: Linda Butler
    • 2014: Christopher Hutton

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