Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Other Links

This page contains links to other sources of local historical information.

Norfolk Heritage Explorer

This is excellent source of archaeological information for the whole county. It includes detailed maps showing all the key sites and buildings of interest. It is well worth a Visit.

Within the site is an entry devoted to Denton.

Norfolk Record Office

Located at County Hall it is the depository for a mass of historical information. Amongst other items the RO holds Denton's church records from 1300 until 1993. Further details can be found at the Record Office Website.

Norfolk Historical Maps

Norfolk County Council has done a superb job of digitising old maps of Norfolk and making then available on the Internet for free. Their Map Site is well worth a visit.

East Anglian Film Archive

Held at the UEA this achive contains masses of old film clips which can be veiwed on-line. Unfortunately so far none of them seem to cover Denton but still worth a visit.

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