Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton's Farms

Historically, nearly everyone who lived in Denton worked on the land. The situation today is totally different with a tiny proportion of the village population actually engaged in agriculture.

Originally there were at least 22 separate working farms in the parish but this changed over the years as smaller farms became uneconomic and mergers took place. Today much of the actual work is carried out by contactors for the various landowners. There are only half-a-dozen traditional farms still operating.

A check of Kelly's Norfolk Directory of 1937 produced the list of farms below. Note that many were very small. Those recorded as comprising more than 150 acres are marked with a *.
Beck-House Farm, Chapel Farm, Chapel Hill Farm, Darrow Farm, Darrow Green Farm, Glebe Farm, Grove Farm, Hall Farm*, Higher Green Farm, Hill Farm*, Ivy Farm*, Low Farm*, Manor Farm, Mill Farm, Moat Farm, Mutts Farm, Paynes Hill Farm, Pear Tree Farm, Upland Farm*, Vale Farm*, Walnut Tree Farm, Wood Farm.

However, further research has revealed five more farm names in the parish:
Fairhead’s Farm, Fir Tree Farm, Haggard’s Farm, Home Farm and Lammas Farm.

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