Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Parish Council History

This section covers various aspects of the history of local government in Denton, principally the Parish Council. It is hoped to eventually fill the various gaps in the data.


The Local Government Act of 1888 started the process of creating a modern system of local government in England and Wales. The act created new County Councils, including that for Norfolk, and County Borough Councils including, locally, those for Norwich and Great Yarmouth.
This was followed with another Local Government Act in 1894, which provided for the establishment of Civil (as against "ecclesiastical") Parish Councils with Rural and Urban District Councils above them and below the county level. This ended the formal role of the Church of England in local non-eclesiastical affairs.
All three levels of local goverment were given separate but complimentary powers.Thus Denton PC came into existence as part of the new Depwade Rural District. The district's name was based on those of the former ancient Depwade Hundred.
The Rural District Council continued to serve the local community until the formation of South Norfolk District Council in 1974.

Details of Denton PC's activities for the earliest years are, as yet, unknown but the objective of these pages is to record any significant information that is available.


Details of the Council's history have been gleaned from a number of sources notably a Parish Council minute book which covers, in one volume, all the meetings between 18th April 1900 and 6th October 1970. Some "highlights" extracted from these minutes are recorded on a separate page.

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