Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Church Objects

This section contains information about several church-related objects held by the Norfolk Museum Service or Norwich Library with links to the pictures held on their website.

The Church in the XIX Century

A print, 'Denton Church' by Robert Ladbrooke (1770-1842), lithograph on paper, undated but probably early 19th century. It shows the tower before it was extended in 1843.

The Church and Rectory

An early photograph, probably late nineteenth century held by the Library, showing a view of the Church from the Rectory.

Church Plate

Three old silver pieces, formerly part of the church's plate, are held by the museum service. They are:

  • A Cup, made in Norwich and dated 1697 and bears the Norwich castle and lion stamps.
  • A Paten, made in Ireland and dated 1791.
  • A Flagon, made in London and dated 1848.

Other items are kept at the Cathedral Treasury in Norwich. They include:

  • A 16th Century Chalice bearing on the foot the words "Presented to the Church at Denton by Wm Arundell Bouverie, B .D., Rector, A.D. 1841".
  • A paten with the inscription "Presented to the Church at Denton, by William Arundel Bouverie, B.D., Rector, A.D.1844". It is dated 1694.
  • A flagon, London silver, is dated 1848-1849.

Stained Glass

Two watercolours of parts of the East Window by Cornelius Jansson Walter Winter (attrib) (1821-1891):

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