Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Parish Council History - The Precept

The Precept

This information has been gleaned from a number of sources, notably a Parish Council minute book which covered, in one volume, all the meetings between 18th April 1900 and 6th October 1970 and some old financial records.

Nowadays the annual Precept is the Council's main source of income. In the past the rents from land owned by the council were more significant. Rather than do their own local tax collection some local authorities, currentlty the county council, the police authority and parish councils, are all empowered to precept ("demand"!) a sum of money each year from the collecting authority – nowadays South Norfolk District Council. These various sums are then added to the DC's own requirements and collected all together in Council Tax.

This list shows the Parish Council's precept for most of the year's since its formation. Note that for many years the PC did not need to raise a precept every year, which accounts for some of the gaps.

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