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Christmas is Here

Denton residents know that Christmas is really just around the corner when the doorbell rings and the lovely sound of carol singers is heard outside their door.

It is all part of the wonderful way the village, believers and others, celebrates the Nativity. Last night two teams of singers went forth and toured the village. Together they collected nearly £400. This sum plus the money from, another great tradition, the display of Christmas cards in the Village Hall, will, as usual, go to support the Bwindi Community Hospital in Uganda. A very worthy cause.

CIL Report

CIL stands for Community Infrastructure Levy, the money paid by developers to support local services like roads and schools as part of the planning process. Parish Councils get part, normally 15%, of these payments.

Denton PC has recently received the annual report on Levy payments. There have been no local transactions recently but £370.85 has been brought forward from previous years. The Council is entitled to spend this money on suitable local projects.

Another Village Celebration

One issue discussed at Monday's Village Hall AGM and Committee Meeting was the fact that the Hall was 100 years old.

There was some doubt about the date of its actual completion, 1923 or 1924, but, obviously, this milestone in the life of such an important building needed to be marked in an appropriate fashion.

It is thus planned to organise a suitable event some time in the coming year. Watch this space!

A Pressing Issue

Members of the Blackhand Cyder Society gathered at Great Green Farm on Saturday for their annual pressing session.

As feared, in a tricky year for many apple trees, foraging efforts two weeks previously had produced only a limited supply of apples, just 1.5 tonnes. However, they were pressed into a reasonable supply of juice, 702 Litres (154 gallons); sufficient to maintain the Clubs stock of cyder for another year.

One advantage of the shortage was that the work was all completed earlier than usual, so members could soon move on to an excellent lunch, accompanied by suitable quantities of you know what.

No Arguments, for a Change

The Quiz, in aid of Christian Aid, was held at the Hall on Saturday and much enjoyed by all who attended.

However, the major surprise of the evening was the fact that nobody challenged the answers to the questions set by the Question-mistress, Denise Grant. Most unusual for Denton, but it meant that the appropriate trophy, "The Bone of Contention" could not be awarded.

The winners were the "'B sharp, from Emmanuelle" team with "One for the Ditch" taking the Wooden Spoon award.

As usual, Denise and her assistant Peter, did a great job, and an excellent meal was provided at half time, with many people contributing under the direction of Jean Whipps and Bronwen Bunting.

After expenses, £424 was raised for Christian Aid.

Details of the history of the event can be seen on a new page on the website.

A Great Life Remembered

The sad passing of Eddie Winter was marked on Tuesday by the massive turnout for his funeral at St Mary’s. People came from far and wide to pay their respects and it was soon standing-room-only at the church. It was very impressive to see the coffin borne into the church by eight local residents rather than the undertaker’s team.

The service was led by Rev. Chris Hutton assisted by Rev Bruno Boldrini and included contributions from several family members. These provided fascinating details of Eddie’s long life and recorded the many ways he had contributed to community life over so many years.

This exchange of memories continued later at the Village Hall where a marquee had been erected to expand the space available. As usual in Denton, excellent food and liquid refreshment were provided.

He will not be forgotten.

Ploughing Awards

Following the recent Ploughing Day at Vale Farm, two awards have been made to those who demonstrated their ploughing skills at the event. These were made at the latest Friday Night gathering at the Village Hall where the presentations were made by Chris Thomas.

The “Duke of Denton Cup”, created many years ago for local ploughing competitions but only recently returned to the village, went to the Best Ploughman of the Day, John Chapman. Not the one currently resident on Trunch Hill but another JC who used to live on Norwich Road but moved away some time ago. In accepting the trophy he said how great it was to be back in the village again.

The other award went to the youngest competitor, Alex Bolderston, aged 13, of Chapelfield. Despite his youth, and commitment to goat husbandry, he had demonstrated his skills as a tractor driver in a most impressive way. As you can see, his prize was some guidance on how to do it even better!

Supporting Macmillan

As in past years, Denton played its part in the "World's Biggest Coffee Morning" at the Village Hall on Saturday.

A great range of stalls, tombola, bric-a-brac, second-hand books, etc., were available in the usual way with some great bargains on offer. New features included "Guess the Cost" of a selection of various goodies, which then went to the best guess, and a second-hand Teddy stall.

Teas and coffee with excellent cakes were on sale but, as usual in Denton, it was the opportunity to meet so many old friends that really made the event.

No less than £1,765 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Ploughing Galore

It was described as a "Fun Plough Day" and lots of people did have some fun at Vale Farm on Sunday September 24th.

A tractor and trailer shuttle service transported attendees from the car-park off Paynes Hill to and from the fields where the ploughing was taking place, though many people chose to enjoy the walk.

Once there, they could watch the tractors and ploughs in action and even try driving them. The refreshment van did a roaring trade and it was a very enjoyable social occasion.

A Close Run Thing

The competition for the overall Championship Trophy at yesterday’s Gardening Club Open Show was very close, with Chrissie Kerr beating Sally Barber by just one point.

As usual, the Show was all about Denton Gardening Club and the wider local community at their best. Lots of people coming together to share their love of gardening and compete in the best possible way.

70 people took part with 446 entries, and many more turned up for the viewing.
The full results can be seen on the club history page.

Beating the Weather

Blackhand Cyder Club members and guests did not let a little rain stop their participation in, and enjoyment of, the annual Boules Championships held at Mill Farm on Sunday evening.

More than 70 hardy souls braved the soggy weather to attend and 16 teams of three players took part. Despite the, intermittent, rain there was no shortage of laughter and good humour. As usual on such occasions, the shared salad table supported the barbecue activities and some excellent cyder was consumed.

After a number of very competitive matches, the winners of the main competition were “Alburgh Anonymous” (Yan, Denise and Jane), who beat “Pear Mill” (Mike, Matt and Jane) in the final.

The winners of the plate competition for losers in the first round were “Team Osborne” (Lu, Lana and Darryl) who beat “KAP” (Kim, Alan and Phil).

Details of previous winners can be found on the boules page.

As always, great thanks must be recorded to Adele and David for their wonderful hospitality.

Football is Back - Update

Last year, as part of the late Queen's Jubilee celebrations, a very successful Walking Football tournament was organised - details can be found in the history section.

It has now been decided to hold another one, on Saturday 30th September to follow the MacMillan Coffee Morning.

Oh No It Isn't!

Unfortunately, due to a shortage of players, put down to a clash with Norwich City's home game, the event had to be cancelled.

New Event Success

The first of three "B,B, & BBQ" events was held at the Village Hall on Friday and much enjoyed by all who attended.

Two bands, Station 366 and The Jabs, provided excellent music, the bar did a roaring trade and, as usual in Denton, the food was very good. Thanks must be recorded to everyone involved particularly Helen S-P, the key organiser on behalf of the VH Management Committee.

Two more similar events, designed to replace the Village Festival this year, are to be held on August 18th and September 15th. Not to be missed!

A Very Special Ceremony

Many Denton residents gathered at the Ellough Crematorium on Wednesday to remember and celebrate the life of Nigel Seamons. They joined Maureen and members of their extended family for a very moving ceremony with tributes from his daughters and a great photographic display with suitable musical accompaniment.

As usual on these occasions, we learned so much new information about Nigel's early life. How lucky he was to go to school in Bungay with the girl of his dreams, with whom he could enjoy the rest of his life. However, for most of us it was just wonderful to remember his involvement in so many Denton activities, including the Variety Club. The celebrations continued, very respectfully, with excellent refreshments at the Village Hall.

He will be sorely missed.

On 25th July the Beccles & Bungay Journal Website carried a special article on Nigel written by their reporter Terry Reeve.
It can be seen Here..

A New Competition

The editorial Team of the Parish Magazine have announced a new summer competition for younger residents of Denton and Alburgh.

The Children's Story Competition 2023 is open, in two sections, to 5-11 year-olds and 12-16 year-olds.

Full details appear below -

A Lovely Evening

The sun shone on Denton Gardening Club members last night at their second gathering of the summer.

Held courtesy of Janet and Malcolm Skinner at Glebe Farm, it really was a most enjoyable event. The gardens on view, both flower and vegetable, were magnificent, but it was also a most enjoyable social event.


Information about the next two month's Club visits can be seen on the Club Page, together with details of the annual Open Show to be held on September 2nd. Gentlemen - stand by with your muffins!

Well Done Teddy!

As reported last October, sales of a children’s book written by a local Denton author, Sandra Gordon, have been raising funds for charity. We can now announce that a donation of £200 has been made to The Brain Tumour Charity from Teddy book sales. The same amount has already been donated to Friends of Bishopstone Station.
Hopefully more to follow!


If you have not yet bought your copy, the book can be purchased from Robinson’s, Harleston, or Amazon; priced £6.99.

Boule is Back!

Members of the Black Hand Cyder Society know when summer is really here when the first Boule evening of the season is announced.

This Sunday evening saw the great return of this wonderful Denton institution. Courtesy of the Godsmark family, their Bouledrome was back in use and petanque under way. Suitable quantities of the Society's excellent beverage were consumed and the barbecue kept very busy.

As the evening progressed the temperature did drop, so the wood fire provided was much appreciated, but, as usual, it was a great social occasion in the best Denton tradition.

It is expected that such evenings will carry on throughout the summer on selected evenings, not always Thursdays. Details will be shown on the Society's Page on the website. New members of the BHCSoc are always welcome.

What Climate Change?

Saturday saw a completely new type of event at the Village Hall - you cannot say that happens very often!

It was Question Time with, just like on BBC TV, a panel of five guests but controlled by Denton's own version of Fiona Bruce. One change was to confine the discussion to a single topic, Climate Change, and another was to ask people to submit their questions in advance. These were given to the panel, also in advance, which made it easier for them, but obviously made the discussion much more productive.

The panel comprised: Emily Winter, Peter Grant, David Parsons, Chris Brown and Ken Ashton. They all made valuable contributions to the debate. Brucie turned out to be a male Darrow Green Road resident but suitably disguised, looking just as attractive as FB herself (well almost).


Emily Winter, Peter Grant and David Parsons.
Chris Brown, Ken Ashton and "Fiona Bruce".

The questions covered a wide range of issues relating to Climate Change including:
"Was it all caused by the Earth Evolving or Human Activity?",
"Should Solar Farms be allowed at the expense of Agricultural Land?",
"Was the switch to Electric Vehicles sustainable?",
"Could the issues with Batteries be overcome?,
"Should we all be encouraged to become Vegetarians?",
"Should a Congestion Charge be introduced in Norwich",
"With all the concerns about Food Miles, should there be a Carbon Tax on Food Imports?,
"What should we all be doing individually to reduce Climate Change?".

These generated a wide range of responses from the panel but, in contrast to some peoples' forecasts, the debate was conducted in a very civilised fashion. Credit for this must go to the Chair who, as one member of the audience commented, did a much better job that the real Fiona Bruce. Finally, the Bar was of course open and a wonderful range of "light refreshments" provided at half-time.

APM Report

There was a disappointing attendance at this year's Annual Parish Meeting, held at the Village Hall on Tuesday, 23rd May, but, as somebody pointed out, you really need a good controversial local issue to get people to turn-out on such a pleasant evening.

Those who did attend heard an interesting presentation from the Guest Speaker, Emily Winter, on her work for the Waveney Valley Trust, on four days a week, and at Darrow Farm for the other three. The former included - working to provide good water quality and good public access to the river, with paddle-boarding increasingly popular. On the farm she explained the problems caused by modern farming methods and her efforts to move towards more sustainable agriculture.

Terry Hanner presented his Report as Chairman of the PC and thanked his fellow councillors, and others, who had contributed so much to community life during the year.

Reports on their activities were delivered by: The Church in Denton, The Art Group, The WI, the Gardening Club and the Village Hall Management Committee.

Chris Brown, as one of our District Councillors, reported on the latest developments at South Norfolk particularly the move of the Council's offices to the Horizon Centre at the Broadland Business Park.

The last Item on the agenda was Public Participation providing residents with an opportunity to raise their concerns. The only matter raised was the continuing problems caused by potholes in local roads. These had already been taken up by the Parish Council with the Highways Authority but would be pursued.

APM Agenda

The Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting, to be held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 23rd May is now AVAILABLE
All residents are invited to attend.

Denton at its Best

After all the razzmatazz of the Coronation itself on Saturday, it was back to Denton's own great traditions on Sunday with a wonderful lunch laid on at the Village Hall. And what a great time we all had.

Congratulations and thanks must go to everyone involved in organising the event which ran so smoothly. As usual the bar did a roaring trade, the food was excellent, lots of people took up the offer of second helpings, and, perhaps best of all, the mardling was just great.

One highlight was the excellent speech from Eddie Winter in moving the loyal toast, for which suitable bubbly liquid was provided. He welcomed one person present, the former, Heather Sheldrake, who had served as an Attendant to the Coronation Queen at the celebrations held in the village for the 1953 Coronation. He also pointed out that, for a very small number of people present, it was their third such event.

W2 W3

W4 W5

Eddie Winter with, the former, Heather Sheldrake, aged 87, and her sister Joyce, 96!

A competition for children was organised - the task being to create the best Crown. The result was : First - Maisie Savill, Second - Alba Godsmark, Third - Edward Brown.

All the children in the village of school age and younger were given a special book-mark to commemorate the event.

Well done Denton!

The Stars Are Back

The Rising Stars have announced preparations for a new production.

After a long gap, forced by COVID etc., their last full show was back in 2019, a meeting has been called to get a new production under way.

It is to be held at the Village Hall on Sunday 16th April starting at 3 pm. All young residents and their parents are welcome to attend.
Further details can be seen HERE.

Councillors Found

We are pleased to report that, unlike many other parishes, where not enough volunteers have come forward, seven noble Denton residents have again put themselves forward to serve as members of our Parish Council.

Seven were needed and seven nominated so no election will be needed on May 4th. Even better, they are the same seven who were standing down, so the List on the PC Page of this website does not need changing!

Councillors Needed

Parish Council Elections will be held on May 4th.

All seven places on Denton PC will be up for grabs. Nominations need to be in by April 4th.
the official notice of the elections can be seen HERE.

Further information about the elections and the role of parish councillors is provided on the Elections Page of the Website.

Royal Preparations

Another big Royal Weekend is coming up, and the Parish Council have called a public meeting to discuss how Denton will celebrate it.

A special Bank Holiday has been designated on Monday 8th May as part of Coronation Weekend. The Coronation itself will take place on Saturday 6th May.

All residents can have their say at the Village Hall on Tuesday 14th March starting at 7.30 pm.

UPDATE - Following the meeting a Programme has been produced.

Now, as part of the Bank Holiday activities, a project to create several new wildflower areas in and around Denton has been announced.
It is to be organised by Jennie Crohill. If you would like to volunteer and be a part of this project please contact her direct:- Telephone - 01986 788146, or text to 07586 855662, or e-mail to

AND ANOTHER! Now details have emerged of how Denton celebrated the last Coronation in 1953.
These can be seen in the Coming Events Section.

Table Tennis Returns

Following a three-year break, on Friday the Village Hall resounded to the sound of bouncing balls, ‘Sorry!’ and ‘What’s the score, then?’ as the annual Table Tennis Evening returned to Denton.

The wide range of ability resulted in expressions of joy, frustration and general amazement from the twenty-six players who took to the tables challenging their memory to recall how this game is played!

Those leaving the evening with winners’ mementoes were Dottie Ingram-Kemp and Robin Brown in the Junior Section, whilst Mia and Gary McDonald swept all before them with the ladies’ and men’s events respectively.

Many thanks to all those who took part – we’re back!

And Again!

Another week of great fun at the Village Hall.

No panto but lots to enjoy. First there was the regular monthly meeting of the Gardening Club. Members heard a fascinating talk on how farmers, and also gardeners, were having to face up to the challenges of Climate Change delivered by our own Emily Winter.

This was followed by another busy weekend, with an excellent Last Friday meal and the Annual Village Quiz on Saturday. As usual the latter was brilliantly organised by Denise and Peter Grant. However, unusually, there was very few challenges to the answers this year. Denise thus had some difficulty in awarding the "Bone of Contention" trophy, but it went to the Symonds table. The "Brain of Denton" trophy for the Quiz itself went to the Hipwells, Godsmarks & Friends team.

One other event in the week should be recorded. The Blackhand Cyder Society held its AGM, in the snug at Great Green Farm, with suitable, mulled, refreshment provided. A successful year was recorded, and plans laid for another one.

A Well Used Hall

It is often claimed that our Hall is the centre of village life, and that was certainly the case last week.

One example was the annual DVC production. Camelot the Panto played to packed houses on three nights and was much enjoyed by those who performed and, more important, those who watched. Full details, including a review and some photographs, can be found in the - DVC History Section.

Another was the normal regular meeting of the Art Group. It must be recorded that they had already contributed to the panto by painting the excellent "forest" backdrop on the stage.

However, the Hall was, if anything, even more packed on Sunday when an amazing fund-raising lunch was organised. This raised a fantastic £1,784 for the Disasters Emergency Committee's work on the Turkey/Syria earthquake crisis. And, of course, it was a very enjoyable social occasion as well.

A Tree for Two Reasons

Two years ago Denton WI celebrated their Centenary and then, last year, we had the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II. Recently the WI decided to mark these two significant events by planting a commemorative tree.

This was achieved last Thursday by the planting of an Oak tree in the north-east corner of the grounds of Denton Chapel. Eventually it will take the place of another nearby tree which had to be felled recently.

Conveniently, Thursday is Coffee Morning day at the Chapel, so there was a good crowd to observe the planting and suitable refreshment provided afterwards.

Anyone For (Table) Tennis?

Denton's own Table Tennis Tournament is returning.

After a break, caused by you know what, the annual competition is to be held again in the Village Hall on Friday 3rd March from 6.30 pm.

As usual it will be very informal with a knock-out competition for men and women. Four tables will be used and all equipment, bats etc., will be provided. All welcome.

Further details can be obtained from Steve Whiteman on 788251.

Apple Harvest Guaranteed

A fruitful apple harvest in Denton in 2023 is now certain, thanks to a great Wassailing evening held last night at Great Green Farm.

After a two year gap, it was a relief to be able to enjoy once again the traditional ceremony organised by the Black Hand Cyder Society. The maiden this year was Nellie Hipwell. Over 70 members and their guests joined in the proceedings with gusto.

Thanks must go to the Hipwells who hosted it all with a warming bonfire, and the catering team led by the Godsmarks who produced soup and hot-dogs plus, of course, the usual mulled cyder and other drinks. A good time was had by all.

More information about Wassailing can be seen on the Society Page.

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