Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Boules and the Blackhand Cyder Society


In 2010 the Godsmark family constructed an excellent "Bouledrome", a properly laid-out area for playing the game of petanque, in their garden at Mill Farm in Darrow Green Road. This became the venue for regular monthly summer evening gatherings for Society members, with plenty of cyder to drink and d-i-y barbecue facilities laid on.

The season concluded with the first Boules Championships. Teams of three competed for the Boules Remy Trophy. A Plate competition was organised for those eliminated in the firat round so everybody got at least two games.
The Competions have continued every year, apart from 2020 and 21 when Covid restrictions were in force.
Details of all the winners appear below (Some gaps still to be filled).
In most cases more details can be found in an appropriate News item for that year.


The first winners were "Team Fitz", comprising Andea, Danielle and Mike.


Twelve teams, each of three players, entered the competition.
The results were as follows:

  • Winners of the tournament were — "Chris & Crew" — (Chris Whipps, Doris Lambert, Davis Lambert).
  • Runners up — "Hungry Hippos" — (Gill Hipwell, Andy Hipwell, Amy Tufts).
  • Winners of the Plate competition — "On the Pull" — (Jennifer Lambert, Rob Godsmark, Peter Grant/Shirley Pull).
  • Runners up — "Hedenham Heroes" — (Jane, William and George Hunt).


" The winners of the Boule Remy Trophy were "Team Symonds" - (Jasmine, Lorraine and Jon).
The winners of the Plate competition were “The Koreans” — (Terry Hanner, Charles and Jane Christian).


Details to follow.


Over 45 participants and spectators were there and 12 teams took part.
"Team Hanner" must get particular mention. Jonathan lost a contact lens mid tournament, and Amy played with a child on one arm for most of the evening.
In spite of this they made it to the final, eventually being defeated by "Bless 'em All" - (Gill, Clare & Rob).
In the Plate competition final, former Hippos team member Dino, together with Mutts & Fizzy, was trounced by "Ain't Fussed" - (David, Linda & Terry T).


Twelve teams took part. Four teams emerged from the group stage to reach the knock-out competition.
The winners were "Postman Pat" - ( Lucy, Amy & Jonathan) who beat "We'll fink abaht it!" - (Linda, David & Richard) in the final.
In the Plate Competition, last year's main competition winners, "Bless 'em All" - (Clare, Gill and Rob), won defeating "Baby Beaver" -(Sarah, Naomi and Toby).


Twelve teams took part in a very competitive Tournament held on August 4th.
In the main competition, two hard fought matches in the semifinals saw "The Unicorns" - (Ruby, James & Roger) and "The Whippets" - (Jean, Chris & Sue) beat "Where's Sarah" - (Allan, Richard & Anne - hopefully Allan has found her by now!) and "Ducks' Delight" - (Mike, Lynn (sub for Lydia) & Peter B).
The Unicorns, comprising 3 generations of Gibsons, showed great skill in the final but had to give way to The Whippets.
The Plate Trophy final was contested by the "Weybread Warriors" - (Wise Dave, John & Cliff) and "Essex Init!" - (Ronnie, Sara & Terry) with the latter the winners.


Official attendance was 71.
The winners were "Shabbyabi" - (Abi, Lorraine & Jon Symons) who regained the much coveted trophy.
They had played "Dogs & Roses" - (Doris, Chris W & Paul) twice (in the Group and Knockout stages) but triumphed on both occasions. They then beat "The No Namers" - (Sharon, Toby and Malcolm (substituting for Nigel)) in a great Final.
Plate winners were "Hopeless" - (Charlotte, Kate & Lubi) who triumphed over "The Gibson Girls" in that Final.


The results were:
Main competition - Winners “HHH” - (Lucy, Adrian and Terry) who beat “Miseries” - (Alan, Sarah and David Lambert).
Plate Competition - Winners “Jaaamy” - (James, Andy and Amy) who beat “Tor-Tor” - (Chris, Jane and Paul W).


Blessed with warm sunshine, 87 members and friends gathered for the event. 18 teams took part. In the Final of the Main Competition the "Lincoln Shrimps" - (Joe, Helen and Jaydn, née Fitzgerald) beat "Great Boules of Fire" - (Kate, Lubi, and Charlotte). The Plate Competition saw "Chris and Co" - (Jean, Doris and Chris) beat "The Skinns" - (Malcolm, Janet and Chris K).


No competition.


No competition.


As per 2019, 18 teams took part.
The winners of the Championship were declared to be “The Alburghers” - (Richard Gedge, Deborah and Andrew Stewart) who beat “Puldick” - (James Godsmark, Andy and Amy Hipwell) in the Final. The Plate competition saw ”The Harvesters” - (Janet and Malcolm Skinner and Chris Whipps) defeat “RJC” - (Roger Gibson, Jules and Cindy Greenway) in the final match.


Despite the poor weather, 16 teams took part.
The winners of the main competition were “Alburgh Anonymous” - (Yan, Denise and Jane), who beat “Pear Mill” - (Mike, Matt and Jane) in the final.
The winners of the Plate competition for losers in the first round were “Team Osborne” - (Lu, Lana and Darryl) who beat “KAP” - (Kim, Alan and Phil).

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