Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Royal Preparations

Another big Royal Weekend is coming up, and the Parish Council have called a public meeting to discuss how Denton will celebrate it.

A special Bank Holiday has been designated on Monday 8th May as part of Coronation Weekend. The Coronation itself will take place on Saturday 6th May.

All residents can have their say at the Village Hall on Tuesday 14th March starting at 7.30 pm.

UPDATE - Following the meeting a Programme has been produced.

Now, as part of the Bank Holiday activities, a project to create several new wildflower areas in and around Denton has been announced.
It is to be organised by Jennie Crohill. If you would like to volunteer and be a part of this project please contact her direct:- Telephone - 01986 788146, or text to 07586 855662, or e-mail to

AND ANOTHER! Now details have emerged of how Denton celebrated the last Coronation in 1953.
These can be seen in the Coming Events Section.

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