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Gardening is Go

Well, of course, gardening in Denton is always on the go. But the great news is that, after a long break, caused by you-know-what, the Gardening Club is up and running again.

The first meeting of the new Winter season is due on Tuesday 19th October. Full details of the Club's programme can be seen Here.

Perhaps best news of all - no subscriptions will be charged to existing members this year. As usual, new members will also be most welcome.

Great Coffee and a Great Result

Coffee was served at the Village Hall on Saturday morning and a significant sum of money was raised.

For some years a special Coffee Morning has been held in Denton, organised by the Hanner family, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This is part of what is claimed to be the "Biggest Coffee Morning in the World" to support a great Cancer Charity.

Needless to say Denton residents, and their friends, attended in large numbers, bought tickets in the raffle etc., and had a good time. It was wonderful to see the Hall so busy once again.

However, the real objective of the event, to raise funds for such an important charity, was certainly realised. A total of over £1,000 was raised.

Blackhand is Back

Cider-making is returning to Denton. After a year off, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Blackhand Cyder Society is back in business.

The autumn programme will start with Foraging on Saturday, October 9th, followed by Pressing on Saturday, October 23rd. It is hoped that the club's normal monthly meetings will then resume. Can Wassailing be far away?

Current members of the Society will be invited directly, but new members are always welcome.

A Great Weekend

Last weekend the delayed celebrations of Denton Chapel's 200th Anniversary, held over since June, went very well.

Organised over three days, with a Flower Festival and a special service at the Chapel itself, the event was blessed with good weather and much enjoyed by all those who joined in. It included the annual Village Fete at the Village Hall on Saturday. This raised over £1,000 for Church and Chapel Funds.

Another Record

Speeding traffic in the village remains an issue.

In May we reported a speed of 70mph recorded by the village's Speed Monitoring System during April. Two months later and this has been beaten!

On 3rd June a car was clocked doing 75mph passing Skinners' Meadow in the middle of the day. No wonder residents complain.

Further details are available on the Monitoring Page on the Website.

Anyone for Tennis?

Alburgh Tennis Club, which has many Denton members, is organising an Open Tennis Tournament on Saturday, 8th August.

Competitors will form pairs but switch partners after every five-game match. Scoring will be based on the number of games won with prizes awarded to those who win most games.

Full details, including how to enter, can found on the official Notice.

A Local Book from a Local Author

A new book about the History and Folklore of the Waveney Valley has just been published.

Written by Denton resident Charles Christian, and entitled "Shuckland", it is the first in a series intended to cover different parts of the UK. It provides some fascinating details of local history, real and mythical. Denton church and castle are featured.

A review of the book appears in the August edition of the Denton and Alburgh Parish News. Copies are available from Charles at a discounted price of £10.

A 200th Anniversary Postponed

UPDATE - Due to Covid restrictions etc. these celebrations have been postponed until September. Further details will be published in due course.

It is not often that Denton, or any other parish for that matter, can celebrate a 200th Anniversary, but that significant milestone is nearly upon us.

July this year celebrates 200 years since the current Denton Chapel was constructed. It stands on the site of a much older building, details can be found in the History Section of the website, but ever since it has been one of the village's architectural gems, as well as serving as a centre for religious observance..

Various events are planned, details on the Church in Denton page, but it is hoped that all members of the local community,, church/chapel-goers or not, will want to join in.

On The Way Back - Plus

It looks as though things may be returning to normal - if slowly.

One of the worst aspects of the Covid19 crisis has been the impact on community life here in Denton. For more than a year we have all missed the many opportunities we normally enjoy to meet and socialise.

Now, at last, there are signs that things may be returning to normal. In so many ways one of the best things about life in Denton are summed up in the regular Friday night sessions at the Village Hall. These, like everything else, have been on hold apart from a few, very limited, sessions. But now, following a test run on 21st May, it seems that regular Friday bar-openings may soon be with us.

The next session will take place on Friday, 4th June. Some restrictions will still be in place, but, hopefully, a return to normal operations will not be far away. Keep your fingers crossed!

Latest news - 1st July
It is hoped that the bar will be open every Friday evening from 7 pm from now on.

Nearly A Record

The latest report on speeding traffic statistics in the village underlines recent discussions on this topic on DentonTalk.

On 13th April at 10 am our speed monitoring system, located on Trunch Hill near the junction with Middle Road, detected a vehicle going up the hill at a speed of 70 mph! This is the second highest speed ever recorded by the system.

The latest speeding statistics and older records are available on the Monitoring Page on the Website.

Post Office News

We are delighted to announce that Denton's Post Office is to re-open at The Chapel at 9 am on Thursday, April 1st.
N.B.This is NOT an April Fool message!

Denton Does Its Bit

Denton is supporting Harleston. The Parish Council has agreed to make a donation to Harleston Town Council to assist them with the cost of providing free car-parking in the town.

At its meeting on March 9th Denton PC responded to a request from Harleston and agreed to pay them £100. This recognises the use Denton residents make of the town's car parks which are paid for from the Town Council's precept.

At the same meeting DPC agreed to make representations about the current traffic restrictions in the town centre.

Planning System Explained

At its January meeting the Parish Council adopted two new policy statements on Complaints and Planning.

Hopefully, the former will never be required, but the Planning document provides some very useful guidance on how the Planning Permission system works. This includes details of valid and irrelevant reasons for opposing an application. Well worth a read.

It can be seen at DPC Planning Policy.

Another Competition

Residents have responded to the limitations of the Coronavirus restrictions in different ways. For some, almost anything to ease the pain of lockdowns and isolation.

An excellent example of what is possible has been provided by the members of the Denton Art Group who have responded to the challenge of an art competition with the theme of "Lockdown" and produced some excellent work.

Further details and the winning entries can be seen on the Group's Page on the Website.

A Seasonal Competition

The first snowfall of the year generated a new competition for Denton residents. Anything to divert us from the miseries of the Covid-19 lockdown!

The Best Snowman competition generated twelve entries. They can all be seen Here.

To decide the winner residents were invited to vote, by email. This produced the following result :-
First Place, and Champion Snowman Builders of Denton, - the Barretts,
Second Place - the Willimonts,
Third Place - the Batchelors.

The Winning Entry -

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