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On The Way Back - Plus

It looks as though things may be returning to normal - if slowly.

One of the worst aspects of the Covid19 crisis has been the impact on community life here in Denton. For more than a year we have all missed the many opportunities we normally enjoy to meet and socialise.

Now, at last, there are signs that things may be returning to normal. In so many ways one of the best things about life in Denton are summed up in the regular Friday night sessions at the Village Hall. These, like everything else, have been on hold apart from a few, very limited, sessions. But now, following a test run on 21st May, it seems that regular Friday bar-openings may soon be with us.

The next session will take place on Friday, 4th June. Some restrictions will still be in place, but, hopefully, a return to normal operations will not be far away. Keep your fingers crossed!

Latest news - 1st July
It is hoped that the bar will be open every Friday evening from 7 pm from now on.

Nearly A Record

The latest report on speeding traffic statistics in the village underlines recent discussions on this topic on DentonTalk.

On 13th April at 10 am our speed monitoring system, located on Trunch Hill near the junction with Middle Road, detected a vehicle going up the hill at a speed of 70 mph! This is the second highest speed ever recorded by the system.

The latest speeding statistics and older records are available on the Monitoring Page on the Website.

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