Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Traffic Speed Monitoring

During 2018 the Parish Council purchased a SAM2 traffic speed monitoring system. A set of poles were erected at suitable locations in the village and the monitoring unit is moved round between them at regular intervals.

The results are analysed on a monthly basis and reports produced for the PC and the police.

Monitoring Results

The latest Reports can be seen below:

A further Report providing a Summary of the 45 months that the SAM2 has been in operation. is now available.
This is sorted by location and direction and the order is sorted by the % of Violators. The following conclusions can be made:-

  1. The % of violations is more or less constant for each site with fastest speeds Southbound near Skinners Meadow and the lowest Northbound outside Denton Chapel.
  2. The volume of cars and violations appear to have reduced slightly since the first covid lockdowns.

Previous Reports can be seen on the Archive Page.

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