Denton a village in South Norfolk, England


NB This Planning Statement was adopted by the Parish Council at its January 2021 meeting.


What powers does Denton Parish Council have with respect to planning applications?

Denton Parish Council is consulted by the relevant Planning Authority (which is usually South Norfolk District Council) on all planning applications. Any views expressed by the Parish Council will be taken into account by the Planning Authority before a decision is made, providing the points made are relevant to the determination of a planning application.
The final decision is made by the Planning Authority, not the Parish Council.
Denton Parish Council will only comment on what are known as “material considerations” – issues, for example, such as boundary disputes between neighbours or loss of views will not be considered.
Do parish councils grant planning permission?

How do parish councils comment on planning applications?

Valid reasons for comment on a Planning Application.
Comments that are clear, concise and accurate stand more chance of being accepted than those that are not. When planning applications are considered, the following matters can all be relevant. These are sometimes referred to as ‘material planning considerations’:

Irrelevant reasons for objection.
There are certain matters which do not amount to ‘material planning considerations’ under current legislation and guidance. These matters cannot be taken into account in considering a planning application and should not be included in objections as they weaken your case:

Other Matters – “concerns and issues”
The person making a planning application has to provide enough information for the application to be determined. They do not have to provide every single detail before an application can be approved because certain matters can be resolved by way of conditions included as part of the permission. Because of this, certain issues may not be considered as ‘objections’ but it is entirely reasonable for you to raise concerns on such issues and to ask to be kept informed before they are approved. These include:


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