Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Post Office Services

Post Offices

Originally Denton had its own sub-post-office acommodated in the Village Shop at Chapel Corner. When the shop closed local residents were delighted when a one-morning-a-week replacement was established just across the road, but this is currently suspended.

Denton's Community Post Office used to be open from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. every Thursday in the Vestry of the Chapel at Chapel Corner. A wide range of PO services were provided. Teas and coffees were also available so visiting the post office was a social occasion as well.
Closed for several months during the COVID emergency, it was able to reopen, but soon had to close again.
Unfortunatley, since the illness and then the tragic demise of the most recent post-mistress, Rae Stribling, the service has been suspended. It is hoped that, one day, a replacement will be found and the service re-established.
One part of the service has continued, teas, coffee, and cake are normally provided every Thursday morning.

To make access easier a new paved footpath from the road to the door of the Vestry was installed in September 2014.

Other post offices are located at:

  • Bungay, 38 St Mary's Street, NR35 1AX. Tel: 01986 892100.
    Open - Monday to Friday: 09.00-18.00, Saturday: 09.00-13.00, Sunday: Closed.
  • Harleston, 6-8 The Thoroughfare, IP20 9AA. Tel: 01379 852354.
    Open - Monday to Friday: 09.00-17.30, Saturday: 09.00-12.30, Sunday: Closed.

Postal Collection Times

The last collection times at the four postboxes in the village are believed to be as follows:

  • Chapel Corner (No.IP20-7027): Weekdays - 09.00, Saturday - 07.00.
    This box used to have an afternoon collection but this has now been withdrawn.
  • Norwich/Darrow Green Road Junction (No.IP20-7096): Weekdays - 09.00, Saturday - 07.00.
    NB This is the replacement for the Victorian box that was stolen in January 2013.
    And replaced in June that year.
    Amazingly, it took until July 2019 for Royal Mail to install a notice, albeit "temporary", of collection times on the box!
  • Church Corner (No.IP20-7097): Weekdays - 09.00, and Saturday - 07.00.
  • Danacre Road (No. IP20-7098): Weekdays - 09.00, Saturdays - 07.00.

It should also be noted that all the postboxes in the village are part of the Ipswich (IP) postal area. Mail going to an NR postcode, particularly second-class, will probably get there quicker if placed in a Norwich area box. The nearest of these is quite close, at the junction of Upgate Street and Topcroft Road in Bedingham (Collection 16.00, Saturday 07.45).

Later collections are available from Bungay PO (NR), in St Mary's Street, at 16.30 (12.00 Saturday) and Harleston PO (IP), in The Thoroughfare, at 17.00, (12.00 Saturday).

Other Information

Further postal information, charges etc., is available from the Royal Mail Website.