Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Heating Oil Syndicate

DABBOS - The Denton & Alburgh Bulk Buying Oil Syndicate

DABBOS is a locally run organisation set up to enable individual households to benefit from bulk prices for heating oil.

Most houses in our two villages (plus Topcroft which is also covered) rely on oil as a source of energy for heating. Members of the syndicate can request a delivery during any month throughout the winter. Once the orders for any given month are received, DABBOS negotiates a bulk price per litre and a delivery round the area is then organised for all those that need fuel. Members pay the supplier direct for oil received.

Significantly lower prices are available because of the scale of the order and the resulting time and travelling savings for the supplier. Currently some 130 householders use the service during the year. The minimum quantity is 500 litres and the monthly agreed price applies to any quantity ordered.

Unlike web-based buying groups, DABBOS accepts orders by phone as well as email so that households without a computer link to the web are not disadvantaged.

Deliveries are organised on a regular basis. From September through to April and with a summer delivery in July, orders should be placed by the 5th of the month in which a delivery is required.

First set up by Julie Oxley in 2008, DABBOS has been run by a number of residents and is currently organised by Sarah Cashmore. She can be contacted by email on and by phone on 07595 276178 – a message can be left if no reply. Email is the preferred means of contact but, of course, non-computer owners should phone.

For anyone wishing to join the scheme, membership is free so do not hesitate to contact Sarah and provide the details that DABBOS needs.


Credit for the great success of DABBOS must go to the noble volunteers who have managed the scheme on behalf of the members since 2008. They are:

  • Julie Oxley
  • Ken Ashton
  • Anne Carden
  • Katrina Cattermole
  • Robert Banbury
  • Sarah Cashmore