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In Good Company

The significant contribution to community life in Denton of the Tuesday Lunch Club has been recognised with an award under the County Council’s “In Good Company” scheme.

Thousands of people in Norfolk are lonely. Loneliness can cause poor health and even lead to premature death. It can make people vulnerable to scams and fraud and increase their reliance on public services.

The scheme seeks to encourage community activities which help to tackle the issue and, following a nomination by the Parish Council, the Lunch Club has recently been awarded a Certificate to acknowledge their good work. This was presented last Friday to the founder of the Club, Doris Lambert, at a ceremony at the Theatre Royal. She was accompanied by members of her team, Denise Grant and Jean Whipps, together on the left below.

Dawdlers Doing It

Today's dawdle took place despite the inclement weather!

Photo courtesy Rev. Chris Hutton.

Sand Almost Everywhere

The Village Hall was moved to Egypt for half-term last week as the Variety Club presented their annual show - a (very loose) adaptation, in panto format, of the classic romance between Antony and Cleopatra.

The DVC likes a challenge and this year's production offered several. Not least was getting the audience to accept the frequent time changes between 30 BC and 1865 AD and the language changes between Latin and Ancient Egyptian. But the plot, cleverly contrived by Denise and Peter Grant, swept all this away as the romance bloomed and the efforts of the baddies, the Vizier, Lissen Toome, and the Oracle, Alexa, came to nothing.

The acting was, of course, very impressive, and this year for a change Jean Whipps, as prompter, seemed to have a very easy ride, but the greatest credit must go to those who created the setting for the performance. The scenery, always another challenge given the limitations of the Village Hall stage, and the lighting together produced just the right environment. As usual, Barbara Spaul created some wonderful costumes and, once again the "orchestra" did a great job.

Everybody involved, on the stage and off, had great fun - they hope the audience did too.

A review of the production is now available in the DVC Section of the website.

It's Gone!

For some time the future of our only telephone-box, opposite the village hall, has been in question. Well, debate over - it's gone.

Like most such facilities, it had been overtaken by the march of technology; everybody seems to have a mobile phone these days. Usage had shrunk to virtually nothing and yesterday BT, having warned the Parish Council etc., took it away.

The people that will miss it most will perhaps be those local residents who found its light a very useful beacon when making there way to the Village Hall at night!

Appeal Dismissed

Denton's latest long-running planning dispute seems to have been resolved.

During 2016, following complaints to South Norfolk Council about the increasing dog noise emanating from Rainbows End at Chapel Corner, the owners of the property put in a planning application for a dog-breeding establishment on the site. As reported here at the time, this went to the December 2016 meeting of the Planning Committee and was refused.

An Enforcement Order was issued setting the maximum number of adult dogs allowed on the premises at six. But in March last year the applicants appealed against the Order on the grounds that they had been operating there for over 10 years and had thus gained the right to continue.

The Council challenged this and, finally, on 9th January this year an Appeal Hearing was held before a Planning Inspector at Long Stratton. Several Denton residents and our local district councillor, Murray Gray, attended and took part in the proceedings.

The Inspector's decision has now been released. He found that the applicants had failed to produce any evidence of commercial dog-breeding over such a long period and therefore dismissed the appeal.

Running for George

Beth Barrett, daughter of the late, and much missed, George Porter, is running in this year's London Marathon to raise funds for Cancer Research in his memory.

If you would like to support her and pay tribute to George, please go to our Sponsorship Page.

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