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Youth Triumphs

Saturday saw the annual Denton Quiz Night at the Village Hall. As usual the event was hotly contested by the ten teams involved. However, what really made this year's contest so spectacular was the result, which saw all the "senior" based teams outclassed by the youngest team in the competition!

That great quiz-setting team, Denise and Peter Grant, produced: some challenging rounds of questions - where does one dare to play one's Joker?, some great inter-round spot questions (based on prime-ministers ancient & modern - well done Chris Whipps) and a very tricky table-quiz. The last had to be tackled as we consumed an excellent chilli & cheese supper, which may have inhibited some teams' performance?

Scoring was very impressive from all the teams but it was the youngest table that triumphed. The "New Beginnings" team comprised: Lorraine Symons, Abigail Symons, Benjamin Bremner, Matt Squirrell, Marie Guyader and Jasmine Symons (where was Jon?).

Six of the team with the "Brains of Denton" trophy.

Congratulations to them and thanks to all those who contributed to such an enjoyable event. So many played their part but a special mention must go to Jean Whipps who co-ordinated the excellent food.


A further progress report on Denton's defibrillator.

Registration has been completed, 20/01, and the cabinet is now in use.

The external cabinet for the defibrillator has now been installed on the outside wall of Denton Village hall next to the main entrance. The defibrillator will not be put into the cabinet until the Ambulance Service has registered the cabinet and have it on their system. The defibrillator will remain in its current position in the village hall until that registration has been confirmed.

Once the Ambulance Service have the cabinet registered, anyone can ring 999 and, when a defibrillator is thought to be required, the Ambulance Service will give out the location and cabinet code. However Denton residents will have much faster access.

Key fobs, giving the cabinet access code, have been obtained and one per Denton household will be allocated. They will be distributed at the Thursday Post Office and via various events. If residents would like more than one key fob, additional ones can be purchased at 25p each.

For further details, and to request extra key fobs, please contact Kay Wiltshire, preferably by email on

Kept in the Dark

Sometimes it is great to be proved wrong.

In a previous news item we expressed some scepticism that our new, faster, broadband service would not be up and running before Christmas. But it was!

This means residents within a reasonable distance of the new green box at the junction of Trunch Hill and Middle Road can sign-up for the new service and see broadband speeds at least ten times faster than previously. Great news for using data-heavy online services.

Unfortunately, those living in the more remote parts of the village (and, it seems, some others living quite close but not connected to the new box) will still not be able to take advantage of the improved facilities.

Most surprisingly, there has been absolutely no publicity from BT telling us that the new service is up and running.

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