Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Parish Council - Finance

Council Tax

Local government's major source of income is a property tax - Council Tax. It is used to fund: the County Council, the District Council, the Parish Council and the Police Service.

Every property is placed in one of 8 Tax Bands based on their nominal value in 1991. The CT system was introduced in 1993 to replace the, short-lived, Community Charge, the "Poll Tax", itself introduced in 1990 to replace the old rating system.

The values used to create the bands and the sharing out of the tax between them, based on "ninths" of the Band D charge, is as follows:

  • Band A – Up to £40,000 – 6/9ths.
  • Band B – £40,001 to £52,000 – 7/9ths.
  • Band C – £52,001 to £68,000 – 8/9ths.
  • Band D – £68,001 to £88,000 – 1.
  • Band E – £88,001 to £120,000 – 11/9ths.
  • Band F – £120,001 to £160,000 – 13/9ths.
  • Band G – £160,001 to £320,000 – 15/9ths.
  • Band H – Above £320,000 – 2.

Financial Information

The council's financial year runs from April to March.

Each year during the autumn the Council considers its spending requirements for the coming year and agrees a Budget. The sum to be raised from council tax payers is then calculated and set, normally at the November meeting sometimes in January, as the Council's Precept on the District Council. This is added to the precepts of the County Council and the Police Authority together with the funds needed by the District Council.

South Norfolk Council is then responsible for collecting the total sum required, dividing it up between council tax payers on the basis of the property valuation bands. The other factor involved in the calculation is the Council Tax Base figure, the product of a levy of 1p at Band D; £150 for Denton in 2018/19.

Council Tax Payments 2023/24
The amount charged to Denton householders in each valuation band, and the approximate number of properties in the village in each band, is:

  • Band A – £1,391.01 – 6 Properties.
  • Band B – £1,622.84 – 56 Properties.
  • Band C – £1,854.68 – 29 Properties.
  • Band D – £2,086.51 – 25 Properties.
  • Band E – £2,550.18 – 22 Properties.
  • Band F – £3,013.85 – 18 Properties.
  • Band G – £3,477.52 – 13 Properties.
  • Band H – £4,173.02 – Currently there are no properties in the village in this band.

A comparison of this distribution with the rest of the country appears on the Facts and Figures page.

Anyone can check their CT Band (or anyone else's!) by using the official WebGov Website.

Denton's share is paid to the Parish Council by the District Council in two six-monthly installments.

Accounts and Budgets

At the end of each year the Council is required to draw up formal Accounts which must be professionally audited.

Details of Council's annual Budgets and Accounts for recent years are available -

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