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Another New Bone Holder

One of the highlights of the Annual Denton Quiz Night every year is deciding who will be awarded the coveted "Bone of Contention".

This, suitably shaped, trophy is collected by the person adjudged to have given the quiz-mistress the most trouble during the evening - challenging the correctness of the answers etc. Most of this year's contestants were quite well behaved on Saturday night, but "she-who-must-be-obeyed", Denise Grant, had no hesitation in awarding the trophy to Steve Barrett. Perhaps his recent elevation to the Parish Council has gone to his head?

The quiz itself produced a very close result with the "Tartan Tarts" team beating the "Corner Crew" by just a single point. A great evening was had by all.

Where Are The Stocks?

A recent discussion on DentonTalk has generated a lot of interest.

Rich Palmer had circulated an old postcard, sent to him by his father, showing "The Old Stocks Tree, Denton", wondering if it was in Denton, Norfolk?.

  • Click here to see it, Subsequent posts pointed out that there were not many dry-stone walls locally and that there were plenty of other Dentons in, perhaps, more suitable parts of England.

    This produced a reference to the fund-raising bicycle-ride round eight other Dentons completed by Liz Cargill and Jenny Crowhill back in 2009. It seems that they did not manage to spot such a tree on their travels, but, the search continues.

    We all know that Denton once had its own "Hangmans Hill" but did we ever have our own set of Village Stocks?

  • Seven Again

    The Parish Council are now back to a full complement of seven councillors.

    Last May Zoe Brown was re-elected to Denton PC , having served since 2015. However she recently decided to step down and a replacement was required.

    At Tuesday's meeting the Council co-opted Steve Barrett of Danacre Road to fill the vacancy.

    Roll On 2020

    So, a New Year is born! Let's hope it is a really happy one for everyone in Denton.

    After a very festive Christmas for most residents of the village the new year was seen in with suitable celebrations. Hogmanay gatherings were held in a number of locations but the official Party at the Village Hall was a great success. Many thanks to the S-Ps and everyone else who contributed to the occasion.

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