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What Beanstalk - What Giant?

There are two special significant challenges with presenting the panto "Jack and the Beanstalk". First getting a realistic beanstalk onto the stage for Jack to ascend and then placing a realistic Giant at the top of it.

DVC's production, performed to packed houses at the Village Hall last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, managed to get round these issues very cleverly. The beanstalk was located just off-stage in the wings but frequent gestures and remarks from the cast made this very obvious. When it came to felling it the chain-saw sound-effects were very convincing.

The giant was also similarly disguised with his shirt as the backdrop and two large hands, which moved to grab passing people very neatly when the story required. Here again his suitably deep and loud voice, "Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum" etc., was another valuable contribution from the sound-effects department.

All of this contributed to a most entertaining show in the great DVC tradition. This year there were several new faces on the stage and they blended seamlessly with the Club's regular performers. Talking of "old-stagers", that much-respected anonymous source has again put together an excellent review of the production.

The Review, the Programme and a set of photographs can all be seen on the 2020 page in the DVC Section of the Village Website.

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