Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Where Are The Stocks?

A recent discussion on DentonTalk has generated a lot of interest.

Rich Palmer had circulated an old postcard, sent to him by his father, showing "The Old Stocks Tree, Denton", wondering if it was in Denton, Norfolk?.

  • Click here to see it, Subsequent posts pointed out that there were not many dry-stone walls locally and that there were plenty of other Dentons in, perhaps, more suitable parts of England.

    This produced a reference to the fund-raising bicycle-ride round eight other Dentons completed by Liz Cargill and Jenny Crowhill back in 2009. It seems that they did not manage to spot such a tree on their travels, but, the search continues.

    We all know that Denton once had its own "Hangmans Hill" but did we ever have our own set of Village Stocks?

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