Denton a village in South Norfolk, England


Denton's own village internet communication system.
It is based on the Google Groups system.

The idea is to use the internet to provide a channel for Denton residents, and others with in an interest in the local community, to communicate with each other in the easiest possible way. This allows:

  • Important information to be circulated very rapidly.
  • Details of new upcoming events in the village to be announced.
  • Notification of the availability of less critical information, which, for example, might cover new material appearing on this website, to be circulated.
  • Issues affecting the village to be discussed by those interested.
  • Members to circulate requests for assistance etc. (e.g. "lost" pets!) to other members.

First launched in 2010, there are now over 270 members of DentonTalk covering more than half the households in the village.

How It Works

Anyone can apply to become a member of DentonTalk. They do not need to actually reside within the parish boundary, lots of other people living nearby and even further afield are involved in the community in different ways.

All you need to do is send a suitable note, e.g. "Please enrol me on DentonTalk.", to the "List Administrator". This will be acknowledged and you will be added to the list.

Then, once enrolled, to send a message to all the other members, simply address it to "". However you have to be a member first.

To respond to a message sent via the list just click on your normal "Reply" button. However, before doing so please think about where you want your reply to go. Is it intended for everyone or should it be restricted to just the person who created the previous message? If the latter please reply directly to that person - "off-list" - and avoid cluttering up everyone else's inboxes unnecessarily.

Please note that if you are expecting people to respond to you individually it is helpful if you provide suitable contact info including a telephone number as well as your own email address. The easiest way of doing this is to use the "Signature" system provided in most email systems.

For further information please go to our Internet Guidance page.

The Ground Rules

Any on-line discussion-group system relies on members using it sensibly. Thus debate is to be encouraged but discourtesy to other members will be frowned upon. Most people are aware of just how easy it is to produce e-mails which can be mis-interpreted - so caution is advised.

Members should not seek to hide their identity; anonymous messages are not permitted.

The system should not be used for commercial advertising.

Following an on-line discussion it has been decided to ask members not to use Talk to circulate spurious information such as "jokes".

Misuse could lead to a member being removed from the list but the administrators will only remove people after suitable warnings have failed to produce the desired results.

Security Considerations

Members are reminded that although messages only go to other registered members that does not mean that they cannot be forwarded elsewhere and go astray – the openness of the internet presents threats as well as benefits. Members should therefore use caution and avoid supplying information that could be misused – e.g. absence from home etc. – in their communications.

Further information on security appears on our Internet Guidance page.

Internet Guidance

Some basic guidance on how to use the internet and email is available on a separate page.

Other Lists

A number of other GoogleGroups have been set up to assist local communications.
These include:

  • The Management Committee and Bar Staff of the Village Hall.
  • The Members and Committee of the Gardening Club.
  • The Members and Committee of the Variety Club.
As usual, you have to be a member of each group to make use of it.

Some Denton residents are also members of Alburgh Talk, and vice-versa.
Some people are also members of the Dentontalk Group on Facebook.

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