Denton a village in South Norfolk, England


This page contains basic information about the telecommunications services currently available in Denton.

Historical details can be found in the History Section.


Denton is served by what was the old Homersfield telephone exchange. Its original location south of the Waveney in Suffolk used to cause some confusion but is no longer an issue. The actual exchange building is now located north of the river in Alburgh.
Denton numbers, 788nnn and 789nnn, use the Bungay area code 01986.

Denton lines are connected to the exchange via the green cabinets located at several points in the parish. They are:

  • No.2 near the Church. Originally the only box, uses a fibre connection to the box.
  • No.5 at the junction of Trunch Hill and Middle Road, also fibre enabled.
  • No.8 on Norwich Road, also fibre enabled.

The village is no longer served by a public telephone box.


As with all broadband networks relying on copper wires, the historic BT service (and others from suppliers using the same system) could not provide anything better than low-speed broadband connections which were worst in the parts of the parish furthest from the exchange.

The recent provision of extra green boxes with fibre-optic cable connections to link village lines to the exchange has made a big difference. The resulting Full Fibre service means that the majority of residents can now enjoy reasonable broadband speeds.

Residents can check the service available to them by going to the BT Broadband Availability Checker.

The Internet

Internet communications have changed the way that rural areas like Denton operate.
This Village Website, which has been sponsored by the Parish Council since 2000, provides a valuable source of infomation (as long as it is kept up to date of course!).
Whereas, Dentontalk the web-based village communication system allows residents to keep in touch at all times.
Now a village Facebook Group is also availble.

Mobile Phones

Some parts of the parish, particularly those on higher ground, are able to obtain a good mobile phone signal but others struggle.
The provision of a new transmitting mast in Alburgh has improved reception in some areas.

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