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Are You a Wildlife Photographer?

An Exhibition of Wildlife Photography is to be held at the Village Hall on Saturday, 19th February, 11 am to 3 pm.

The Exhibition will feature the work of two local photographers, our own Robin Brown (aged 9 and ½) and Nick Jermy (aged 37 and ¾) from Woodton.

Refreshments will be served and all proceeds will go to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

However, this could be your chance. If you have a wildlife photo you have taken yourself which you would like to display, please send an email to Zoe Brown -
The more the merrier!

A report of the Exhibition is featured on Page 3 of Thursday, 27th January's EDP.

Two Down, One to Go?

Is there something special about living on Darrow Green Road?

Recent months have seen two books published by residents, near neighbours, of Upper Denton. First we had Charles Christian's "Shuckland" and now Paul Wilby has published "Warning Not for Snowflakes".

It has even been rumoured that a third book, on a legal theme from another, learned, DGRdite, may be on its way. Of course they do suffer from poor broadband up there, so perhaps this may give them more time for pen-pushing?

Festive Cards

Despite current difficulties, a number of Denton residents followed our traditional practice of sending seasonal greetings to all their friends in the village via the display in the Village Hall. They then donated the money they saved by using this route to charity.

This year, with limited visits to the Hall we thought it would be nice to display the cards here -
and list those who sent them.
They were: Liz Cargill & Keith Ellis; Anne & Richard Carden; Jennie & John Crohill; Fiona Easton; Andrea & Mike Fitzgerald; Sara & Terry Fox; Rosemary & Roger Gibson; Adele & David Godsmark; Colin & Sandra Gordon; Denise & Peter Grant; Terry, Kath & Lucy Hanner; Allan & Sarah Henderson; Alan & Linda Jenkins; Hilary & David Kemp and family; Jason & Christine Kerr; Doris & David Lambert; Alan, Zoe & Leroy Lawrence; Kathyrn & Phil Luton; The Parsons family including - Margaret, David, Richard, Emma, Oliver, Kate, Noah, Annabelle, Grace, & Harry; Ronnie & Maureen Philips; Kim & Phil Poulton; Maureen & Nigel Seamons; Sheila; Helen, Imogen & Lydia Sida-Page; Barbara Spaul; Alan & Heather Squirrell; Hilda Thomas; Jean & Chris Whipps; Annie & Steve Whiteman; Paul & Karen Wilby; Eddie Winter.

The donations totalled £235 which, together with the £400 raised by the carol singers, will go as usual to the Bwindi Orphanage and Hospital in Uganda.

Farewell 2021

Sadly, due to Covid issues, it was decided to cancel the final Denton get-together of the year, the New Year's Eve Party in the Village Hall Bar. Let us hope that things will work out rather better in 2022.

At least we did get some sunshine on the last day of the year, culminating in a magnificent sunset -


Something new for 22 is an excellent "Village Sign" imported, thanks to Charles Christian, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Denton, Texas.


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