Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Village News

Denton Station in the News

"Our" railway station is in the news.

Actually, of course, it is not ours but the station serving another Denton, the one in Greater Manchester.

Keen eyed followers of useless statistics will have seen reports in today's newspapers quoting the latest figures on the number of passengers using Britain's 2,567 railway stations. Bottom of the list, with just 42 users in the year ending 31st March, is here in Norfolk - the, request stop only, halt at the Berney Arms on the Norwich to Gt Yarmouth line - but in 5th place, with 92 passengers, was Denton.

The reason for the Berney Arms low figure is explained by the fact that the pub, after which it is named, has closed and there is no public road access to the station. Checking the timetables for "our" station reveals that it is served by just two trains a week, one in each direction on Saturday mornings.

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