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Christmas Starts Here

Festive activities have been building up in the Village recently - the Bazaar, the Carol Concert and several private parties - but the holiday will really take off on Christmas Eve at the Hall.

This annual gathering will be slightly different this year; based on the great "bring and share a plate" system (though contributions are not mandatory). The bar opens at 7.30 pm. Wally the Weindeer has promised to attend.

Don't miss it!

Cards for All

Once again Christmas cards will be on display at the Village Hall and a charity will benefit.

The scheme involves Denton residents placing a single card, to the whole village, on a board in the Village Hall rather that delivering a number of cards to individual houses. The idea is that they should then donate the money they save to charity. For several years the scheme has raised funds for the Bwindi Orphanage in Uganda, last year £290 was collected, and this is continuing this time.

Further details can be found on the Village Hall Page.

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