Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Planning for the Future

This page describes the long-running (never ending?) process of defining the future development of new housing etc in Denton and beyond.

The current Local Plan covers the period from 2011 to 2026, but a new cycle is uder way, with proposals for future developments across South Norfolk, as part of "Greater Norwich", up to 2036 being considered.
This work is being carried out together with Norwich City Council and Broadland District Council.

The current draft version of the Plan was submitted to the Secreatary of State for independent review in July 2021. It was approved in September 2022.

Further information is available on the South Norfolk Council Website.

What Happened Last Time

Details of the last planning cycle are retained here to show how the system works.

In 2012 the proposals of the District Council, announced earlier in the year and described below, went out for public consultation. In 2013 the Council announced the details of all site allocations in the District.
In 2015 these were confirmed by the Secretary of State are now in force.


South Norfolk Council, as the local planning authority, has developed a Local Development Framework which has replaced the former "Local Plan" and controls future development across the whole of the South Norfolk District for the next twenty years.

Under the already agreed Core Strategy, which forms part of the LDF, Denton has been classified in the second lowest level for development as an "Other Village". This means that it will have "defined development boundaries to accommodate infill or small groups of dwellings".

Following earlier invitations to the Parish Council and landowners to make proposals for suitable development sites, SNC published details of five potential sites in the village, three sites considered before and two new ones. Our district councillor at that time, Murray Gray, provided the Parish Council with guidance on the process.

The sites submitted were:

  1. On the West side of Norwich Road north of Upland Terrace, Ref No.1089.
  2. On the East side of Trunch Hill between the Watch House and Oakleigh, Ref No.1181.
  3. On the East Side of Norwich Road between the Playing Field and The Patch, Ref No.1182.
  4. On the East side of Trunch Hill between Oakleigh and the corner of Middle Road, Ref No.536.
  5. On Round House Hill next to the Roundhouse, Ref No.523.

Further details are available via the South Norfolk Council Website. This lists the five sites and provides maps etc. Scroll down to see the Denton entry.

Later details of a sixth site were announced. This is located on the East side of Norwich Road north of the track to Glebe Farm, Ref No.Z1250.

Firm Proposals

In March 2012, the Council considered a set of proposals for villages like Denton. The council's Cabinet meeting on March 26th received a report recommending that a new Development Boundary be established for Denton. Within this area, which includes only site No.4 and part of site No.2 listed above, development will be permitted.

This was approved by Cabinet and a further period of public consultation followed before the new boundary was finally agreed later in the year.

A map of the current development boundary can be viewed on the Council's Website.


In Spring 2014 the Council finalised its proposals, confirming the site allocation for Denton, and submitted them to the Secretary of State for approval.

Meanwhile it approved an application for a new dwelling within the revised boundary at the junction of Trunch Hill and Middle Road. This will have the bonus effect of improving visibility for traffic at the junction.

The Final Act?

The Secretary of State approved the Site Allocation scheme for the district and it was formally adopted by the Council on 26th October 2015. Six weeks were allowed for legal challenges but none were made!

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