Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Police Covid-19 News

The Norfolk Constabulary have just circulated a "Community Update" document on the latest situation in the County on the Coronavirus Emergency.

Another Night to Remember

The noble members of the Village Hall Management Committee, recognising the very limited recent opportunities for social interaction in this most sociable village, have organised another Friday Night Bar Opening this coming Friday, October 23rd.

As before, there will be various restrictions to comply with national rules, further details, but these should not prevent us all from "getting together" in a most enjoyable, and at the same time, responsible, way.


The local police are warning residents of a nasty new Scam threat.

Every month the Harleston police circulate a Newsletter on current policing matters, which is placed on this website. This month it has come with a Poster describing a new scam threat.

Further details are provided in the current Newsletter but it seems the scammer are now impersonating the police themselves.

You have been warned!

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