Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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Too Many Lights?

This year's remarkable display of Christmas Lights in the village has produced an interesting debate.

In past years some residents have erected a limited amount of festive lighting on their properties for the Christmas period but this year it has expanded dramatically particularly at the top end of Norwich Road.

The display produced comments in the January edition of the Parish Magazine where The Rambler's Countryside Ramblings included - "And what about light pollution? I remember the old days when in many villages houses were just lit by a few oil lamps, but while nobody wants to be without electricity, I do wonder if we have swung to the other extreme with many houses coated in Christmas lights, making the countryside look like suburbia."

The response on Dentontalk has been immediate with lots of support for the lights and promises of even more next year! We will obviously need all the extra electricity produced from renewable sources.

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