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Christmas Collections - Ours Not Royal Mail's

Once again a substantial sum has been raised over Christmas for a very good cause.

This report has been provided by Jenny Crohill.

Just before Christmas a good troop of Denton folks took to the street and sang carols to who-ever would listen! In fact because there were several of us we were able to split into two groups. The walking group made their way down Chapel Field whilst the second group climbed aboard Dave’s Landrover and worked the top end of the village. After 3½ hours singing we all met at Hilda and Tim’s for refreshment and a grand count-up was made. The total collected was £306 — Amazing!!

As usual the big board was put up in the village hall for everyone to post their Christmas good wishes cards and leave a contribution. This total was £268 — again what an achievement.

All these proceeds, £574, are now being sent to the Bwindi Orphanage in western Uganda. I first visited the orphanage in 2004 when it was a very small operation. Orphans were being taken in for care, health treatment and education but the conditions were extremely basic. Every year since then Denton has collected money from carol singing and the Christmas card board and sent it straight to the orphanage. Over the past years we have raised a considerable amount of money, all of which goes directly to Bwindi with no other admin costs being taken out of it.

Whilst bumping along in the back of the Landrover carol singing, Sarah Henderson asked who/what were we raising money for. I explained where the funds were sent only to be told that her family had also visited Bwindi a few years earlier as volunteers at the community hospital which is all part of the orphanage. What a surprise and fantastic to think that there is now another connection between this tiny village in Uganda and Denton.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and turned out to sing. I know all your efforts are so much appreciated back at Bwindi.

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