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Tuesdays - But Not Yet

As reported earlier the Parish Council has decided to return to the traditional date for it's meetings - the second Tuesday of the month.

This was supposed to start next month but it seems the Village Hall is not available on the 14th October! The next meeting will thus be held on Monday 13th October. The switch to Tuesdays will take place in November.

A Path To ?

Users of Denton's Thursday morning Post Office were celebrating today with the installation of a new, user-friendly, footpath from the road to the door of the chapel vestry where the Post office, and much else, "happens".

The new pathway, which has been provided by the Parish Council using funds obtained from re-cycling credits earned by the village compost scheme, replaces a very rough pathway which some PO users found difficult to negotiate. "My customers are delighted with the improved access" commented Rae Stribling who runs the Post Office.

Denton on Show

This year's Open Village Show was as successful as its predecessors - the hall was filled by some great produce etc and by a crowd of people who came to admire it all.

The winners of the various classes were:

Full details of all the rosette winners can be seen on the Show History Page.

Below: Ruth Cooke receives the new Championship Trophy from DGC Chairman, Anne Carden.

Back to Tuesdays

The Parish Council has changed the day of its meetings - again.

Since January the Council has been meeting on the second Monday of the month but this clashes with Topcroft PC so, to make it easier for our County and District Cllrs to attend, it has been decided to revert to the traditional day, the second Tuesday.

Stars of the Future

It was talent-spotting time at the Variety Club's Workshop held at the Village Hall on Saturday.

It was great to see so many young people (and not so young in some cases!) gradually lose their inhibitions and join in the fun. Several potential stars emerged, again both young and old. We can look forward to some excellent Rising Stars and DVC productions.

Particular thanks of course must go to the organisers: Gill Hipwell, Denise Grant, Barbara Spaul and, DVC Secretary, Kat Cooper, but it was a great team effort.

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