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Better Broadband - But Not Yet

The message from last night's Joint Parish Council Meeting was very much - faster broadband is on its way but is unlikely to reach Denton for some time.

Karen O'Kane, who lives in the village, heads up the County Council's team working with BT to provide improved internet access across the county. She told the meeting about the challenges of updating the current copper-based telephone network to support a fast broadband service.

The objective is to extend a fibre-optic cable network from every local exchange to improve transmission rates towards the national standard of 24 megabits per second. Final links will continue to rely on copper wire connections so, as now, the actual speeds achieved will depend on the distance of each property from the local distribution cabinet.

It seems there are many areas of the county with a worse service than Denton and they are being tackled first. Karen was unable to tell the meeting just how long users of the Homersfield exchange would have to wait, but then at least she has to share our problems.

Further information, including an interactive map which shows the status of each exchange, is available on the "Better Broadband for Norfolk" website.

TT Report

There was a sense of déjà vu at this year's Denton Table Tennis Tournament held on March 7th. The players who carried off the trophies happened to be exactly those who triumphed last year.

Alex won the junior section, David Kemp with his unfathomable spin took the Men’s Open, whilst Jo Andrews - known in these parts as Charlie’s sister - romped to victory to remain unbeaten in the Ladies’ Open.

There were some desperate battles of wills as could be seen on the determined facial expressions of players in tight games; Doris battling against a victorious Andrea comes to mind, as does the struggle between Peter and David as they seemed reluctant to finish any rally in less than 20 strokes! There were 92 sets played, two balls trodden on and a good time was had by all!

Same again next year?

Better Broadband

The main topic at the next Joint Parish Council Meeting will be "Better Broadband"

It is Denton's turn to host the meeting which is to be held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 25th March. The leader of the County Council's Broadband team, Karen O'Kane who lives locally, is the guest speaker. She will explain the scheme to improve access to the internet across the County.

All members of the public from the five parishes involved are welcome to attend.

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