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New Composting Season

The weekly collection of garden waste will resume on Sunday, 11th April, and will continue until the end of October.

Each household in the scheme will be provided with a supply of bags and an information sheet before collections begin. Users are requested to read the information sheet carefully; several problems were encountered last year.

Further information is available on the Recycling Page.

There is plenty of finished compost available now. If you would like some please contact: Liz Cargill 788862 or Anne Carden 788279.

In the Saddle Again!

Following the great success of their sponsored bicycle ride ride last year, Jenny Crowhill and Liz Cargill are at it again.

They hope to raise a few pennies for the East Anglian Children’s Hospice by cycling to visit each of the three hospices in the region during the weekend of May 15th/16th.

Various events are being organised by EACH in Thetford Forest but Jenny and Liz felt they would like to try to visit the hospices in Milton near Cambridge, Ipswich and Quidenham, a round trip of about 100 miles. They would love to complete the ride on the Saturday but, being realistic, may well have to finish the last 20 – 30 miles on the Sunday. We’ll see!

Further details will be provided on the website in due course.

Advancing Ambitions

The Norfolk Community Ambition Award scheme was the main topic at the Annual Parish Meeting held on March 16th.

Nearly 30 local residents attended the meeting at the Village Hall. Details of the scheme were described by Peter Hill. A single award of £50,000 was available but a set of detailed crieria had to be met. He circulated the following list of potential projects that had been put forward during the recent discusion on Dentontalk.

  • Shop including resurrecting Weekly Market/Buying Local
  • Community Car Share
  • Community Tool Share
  • Green Fuel Processing Plant
  • Allotments (Communal allotments), Community Farming
  • Broadband/ Computer Tech Share (Young and Old)
  • Music Workshop
  • Community Choir
  • Creative Arts East - Films
  • Cookery Courses
  • Tennis
  • Short Tennis
  • Promote sports based on extended Village Hall

The meeting then considered how the various projects matched the scheme’s criteria. It was recognised that most of them were just too small or limited to qualify. This did not mean they they should be dropped but might proceed by other routes. It was agreed that even the bigger proposals, like the provision of an all-weather tennis court, were unlikely to be successful in this competition. The meeting therefore decided that no bid should be made.

However there was considerable support for developing some of the smaller projects and two people offered to co-ordinate this work. Mike Goater, who is already pursuing the Short Tennis idea, will cover improving sports facilities and Adele Godsmark will pursue the cultural and IT themes. It was noted that these ideas might need to be linked to the planned extension of the Village Hall.

The meeting also received wide-ranging reports from the Chairman of the Parish Council, Liz Cargill, from the local County Councillor, Tony Tomkinson, and from our District Councillor, Murray Gray. They, and the other members of the Parish Council, were all thanked for their work on behalf of the parish over the last twelve months.

Meeting Details

The Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting, on Tuesday March 16th, is now available. It is hoped all parishoners interested in the Community Ambition Award scheme will attend.

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