Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

The Village Motto

Denton's, unofficial, Motto is - "Ullus Excusatio Pro Compotatio".

For Clarification this can perhaps best be translated as -
"Any Excuse for a P**s U*".

Or more properly as -

"Any Excuse for a Party".

And long may it continue!

However, in December 2021 an alternative version emerged, based on an image taken from the film of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
"The Home of Happiness" also seems very appropriate, at least, most of the time!
The picture can be seen below the official Village Sign in the History section.

Finally, perhaps Denton's real motto should be a single word "Tolerance". What really makes this such a great community is the way that we all respect each other's views and differences and work together in such a positive way, to the benefit of all.

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