Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

A New Lunch Facility

Denton is well known for its high gastronomic standards.These are frequently displayed, and enjoyed, at the annual Village Supper and other social events in the Village Hall.

For some years they have also been in evidence in the excellent suppers provided at the monthly "Last Friday" gatherings. This year has seen the introduction of yet another opportunity for residents to "Tuck-in"!

These are the new, monthly, "Second Tuesday" lunches provided by a small team of volunteers led by Doris Lambert. Recently retired, Doris wanted to provide an opportunity for local people who were not so keen on evening events to get to enjoy a meal together. Needless to say attendance is not limited in any way so there are plenty of people there who enjoy all the evening events as well.

As reported at the time, News Item, the scheme proved to be very popular with up to 50 people sitting down for a great lunch and a good mardle.

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