Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Personal Support

At the start of the Coronavirus Emergency this page was set up to provide Denton residents with essential information and support.
It has now been updated to reflect the changing situation and cover a wider field.

Financial Problems?

Unfortunately, from time to time some people run into financial difficulties. However there are many sources of advice and assistance available.
Further details can be found HERE.

Another Source

Denton has had its own local charity for many years. Entitled "Denton Relief in Need" it can provide financial assistance to local residents.
Further details can be obtained from:
Helen Sida-Page - 07966 492962, or
The Rector, Revd. Chris Hutton - 01986 895423.

Need Help?

With many people experiencing self-isolation during the Covid pandemic, either voluntary or imposed, the initial local support system included a rolling list of people willing to help with shopping, picking up prescriptions etc. for those who needed it.

This system was eventually suspended but two contact numbers are still available:

  • The Hanners – 01986 788414 and
  • The Cardens – 01986 788279.

Denton is a very supportive community and there is usually someone willing to help out when needed. Either call one of the numbers above or if you are on Dentontalk post a request there and someone will come to your aid.

How about a Chat?

Some of our volunteers have indicated they are still happy to receive calls from people who just want a chat.
They are listed below:

  • Chris & Jason Kerr 01986 788372
  • Kat Cooper 01986 788930, 07531 244103
  • Beth Barrett 01986 788685
  • Steve & Annie Whiteman 01986 788251
  • Ken Ashton 01986 788705
  • Nicki van Gelder 01986 788636

Council Support

Both South Norfolk Council and the County Council have circulated information about how they can offer support.
South Norfolk have a helpline - 01508 533933
And provide further details on their Website.
The County Council provide further support via their Website

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