Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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New Marquees - New Challenge

The first Marquee erection of the year last night presented a real challenge for those involved. There was a good turnout of helpers but - how to put the new marquees together?

The basic structure of interlinked metal poles was similar to the old marquees but there were several critical differences and the printed instructions which were provided by the manufacturers were very unhelpful in several important areas.

As a result it took much longer to put together the first marquee at the Village Hall and some "fudging" was needed to avoid taking it down and starting again. Eventually the team could move on to erect the second one at Pear Tree Farm. This went much more smoothly and suitable steps are being taken to make future constructions much simpler.

Thankfully, the weather was excellent and the liquid refreshment provided helped to reduce any frustrations caused along the way..

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