Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

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A Pilgrimage To Denton – Well, Past It

Did you know that Denton was on a Pilgrimage Route? It is now.

A new long-distance pilgrimage route has been created, running right across the country from St David’s Head in Pembrokeshire all the way to Ness Point in Lowestoft. Called the Via Beata, it uses footpaths and bridleways as much as possible. Further details can be seen Here.

One stretch of the route runs along the by-way on the South side of Websdill Wood. Technically the by-way is designated Bedingham-RB7. This is because the path is on the boundary between Bedingham and Denton but, assuming the boundary runs down the middle of the path, surely we can claim to be on the Route.

Another location on the Route is the Norfolk & Waveney Emmaus Base at Ditchingham. Later in the year they are organising a fund-raising “Walk of Kindness” along the Route. We gather two local people, both called Chris, Messrs Brown and Hutton, have already signed-up to take part.
Further details can be seen Here.

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