Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wyndham Adeane 1961 – 2008 Died 12th December 2008

From the Parish News – February 2009

Lizzie arrived in Denton on the 11th October 2002 having bought Mutts Farm after a very spur of the moment decision when in the estate agents office. The purchase of another property she wanted had fallen through, so seeing Mutts Farm advertised in the office she decided immediately this was the one she would buy. We soon came to realise this was not only typical of many of her decisions, but typical of her effervescent personality which brought her friends from wherever her travels took her, and the reason she was able to cram so much activity into her brief forty seven years of life.

Her life was seriously affected by the loss of her father who left the family when she was only two and a half years old, and was killed in an air accident when she was still very young. This meant that she was to spend much of her youth on her grandfather's farm in Kent which gave her the desire to own a farm, and also a great love for animals especially horses, it was said that as a child she almost lived in the saddle.

As a young lady, after a brief marriage she decided to take a degree in Psychology choosing Dublin University. It was while in Dublin she became very interested in the Roman Catholic religion which eventually became a major influence in her life. More recently she studied for a teaching degree in English Literature in order to teach English to children in India, she made two trips to the continent while living in Denton.

Sadly three years ago she discovered she had breast cancer, after going through the trauma of major surgery and chemo-therapy treatment she rejected any more treatment and made up her mind to live her life to the full for however long she had left. The courage and passion with which she faced the remaining years became indomitable.

Her fervent Christian faith carried her along on the crest of a wave as she put heart and soul into all her many interests and activities whether it be the farm, driving her horse and carriage, the village pantomime, choral singing, a visit to India, membership of a group of fellow cancer sufferers, a visit to Lourdres, organising Rogation Mass at Mutts farm, even taking Communion to other sufferers. But nothing would stop her taking Mass daily herself, even if it meant leaving her bed in the Hospice to get there.

The Requiem Mass at St. Edmunds Church, Bungay had a packed congregation with some having to stand in the Church porch. A homily was given by Fr. Laurie Loke with readings by members of the Adeane family, and an appreciation by her brother Henry which brought many smiles as well as a tinge of sadness with his memories. The final moving moment came as the horse drawn hearse brought her from Bungay to be buried in Denton Churchyard.

Our sympathy and condolences go to her brother and all her family members, and also to her neighbours who helped give her solace during her latter months, particularly Margaret and David Parsons and Brian Walker. Her Courage and Devotion will live long in our Memory.

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