Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Wendy McGill 1942 – 1995

From the Parish News – October 1995

Wendy and Angus came to Denton about nine years ago and took over the village shop, where villagers came to exchange news and views as well as to purchase. Like most of its kind, it could not compete with the supermarkets and, when it had to close, it was converted into a home for Wendy’s mother.

Both Wendy and Angus had joined the Bungay Golf Club and Wendy was very soon chosen to represent Bungay in club county matches. She was a busy girl! Apart from running the shop, doing an early-morning paper round, feeding the odd cat whose owner was away, playing golf, and looking after her own cats, dogs and horses, she took a part-time job working with school children who had special needs.

About eighteen months ago she had a major operation after which she needed weeks of daily chemotherapy. She insisted on driving herself to the Norwich hospital and on her return would often go on with the gardening; she was a person of great courage.

She had a ‘wicked’ sense of humour, which she retained through all her suffering. She and Angus had been married for twenty-five years and all who knew her will join in hoping that both Angus and her mother, Vera, will find some comfort in Wendy’s release from suffering. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Thank You - from Wendy and Angus

Also from the Parish News – October 1995

When in 1957 Wendy and I took up our roots in Hertfordshire and made our way to Denton in Norfolk our feelings were of great sadness mixed with a little fear and anxiety. We were leaving a great many old friends and work colleagues that we had known for years, and approaching the unknown where we did not know what to expect in terms of friends and relationships. The decision to move might very well have been a complete catastrophe.

Our arrival and initial encounters, particularly with people like Bubbles and Steve, very quickly dispelled most of our apprehension. In fact these first ties of friendship were only the beginning of what was to be the growth and development of some of the best and most loving friends we ever had. Without the support given to us by these bonds, some of the less pleasant disturbing events, such as the closing of the shop, might have been too much for us to bear.

As may be imagined, the last eighteen months, with the foreboding presence of Wendy's illness, have not been as happy as they might otherwise have been. It was an uphill struggle for both of; but again, the love and friendship which came from all quarters of the village were something we both valued very highly. We were uplifted by the visits, phone calls, cards, letters, messages and favours which flooded in right up to the very end. Indeed the numbers attending the funeral were a clear manifestation of what I have just said.

All that now remains in this short note is for me to say on behalf of both of us how much you have all meant to us, and to express our gratitude for all your additional support in the last week. Although I have a strong aversion to mentioning any names in particular, I cannot resist saying how lucky we are in this village to have a Sam Read and an Alec Valori in our midst.

Thank you all again – Angus

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