Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Colin Peter Ready – Died 8th October 1986.

From the Parish Magazine – December 1986.

Colin Ready
15th April 1922 – 8th October 1986.

A "Gentle Gentleman" was the description used by the Revd. John Simpson in his address at St. Mary's Church, Denton. It touched the hearts of the large congregation of family and friends, (from many parishes) who gathered in his memory.

Few people can make such a mark in a village community in the space of only seven years residence here. He entered into the spirit of the village in many ways, particularly in his work for the church and also as a pioneer in the organising of the Community Bus Service. He gave a great deal of time and energy to the latter, both as a volunteer driver as well as being actively involved in the organisation and committee work. He will be sadly missed.

The hand of courtesy which he offered everyone he met created a bond of friendship which one could not fail to grasp. Although most of us were aware of the world-wide travelling and international activities involved in his work of civil engineering and surveying; only a few who were close to him, knew of his wartime experiences which were always with him.

Perhaps it is fitting at this time of remembrance that we should remind ourselves, through his memory, of those who gave their lives for their country and our freedom. There are those too, who have continued to live with silent, lonely memories in their hearts and minds following experiences endured in the conflict. We should remember with compassion those with injuries suffered in the horrors of war.

We extend our love and lasting sympathy to Monica and her family in their bereavement. We pray that peace may come to them and all who are troubled.

From the Parish Magazine – November 1986.


I wish to thank you all for the overwhelming love and support that has flowed over me and my family since we learned of my husband's tragic death.

Norfolk held a special place in his heart. His forebears came from here. It was at Garboldisham that as a young officer in 1942 he was stationed prior to going to North Africa. It was there, in a small cottage, that we found him when he had his last major breakdown in 1977. When, in 1978, he took early retirement, it was to Norfolk he wished to return.

Spanning a quarter of a century, his work had taken him to many countries, from the snows of the Himalayas to the lagoons of the South Seas; but it was here, in Denton in the winter of 1978, he chose to make our last home together. I do believe that the last seven years of his life were among the happiest and he was happy here. We came as strangers, but you accepted us and warmed us with your friendship. I think he tried to show his appreciation of that acceptance by doing what he could to serve you. We all thought he had at last laid down his burdens but tragically, and God only knows why, it finally crushed him.

It is impossible for me to reply personally to the many letters and tributes I have received, but amongst them was one from a senior citizen here in Denton. She ended her letter:- “He was a gentle gentleman” - I would like that to be his epitaph.

Monica B. Ready.

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