Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Brian David Cork - 2nd June 1938 - 9th November 2023

From the Parish News – January 2024.

Brian was born in Bexley Heath in Kent on 2nd June 1938, 16 years after sister Maud and 14 years after brother Ron. As a boy he was keen on athletics and a talented cross-country runner. He was also a life-long fan of Charlton Athletic football club, passions which remained with him all his life.

After completing his national service in Cyprus and Libya, Brian worked for the Woolwich Equitable Building Society and then as a civil servant in the Central Office for Information. Football was central to his life, and for several years he ran, with Ron, the Plumstead Casuals football team in the Kent County league.

In 1983, not long after the deaths of both parents, Ron and Brian moved to Denton. After a brief stint working at RAF Coltishall, Brian, in spite of being only in his mid-forties, chose to retire and concentrate on his garden, which he loved. Ron and Brian lived a very quiet life, relying on each other and visits from family for company.

Everything changed for Brian after Ron’s death in 2005. He forged a strong friendship with Ronnie Phillips, and between them they started the Denton Art Group. Brian’s social life blossomed and he was a regular at village events. An animal lover, Brian was a great supporter of related charities such as the Hillside Animal Sanctuary. He loved wildlife and kept the birds well-fed in his garden.

Sadly, deteriorating health kept Brian largely housebound in his later years but, whilst unable to get out and about, he kept in touch with family and friends by phoning for a chat and to catch up on what was happening.

Above all, Brian was a family man. He loved them and they loved him. They describe him as generous, kind and one of the nicest men you could hope to meet. Nephew Robert was grateful to be with him at the end and to witness a peaceful passing.

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