Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Richard Vaughan Lewis. 1st December 1936 – 20th September 2022

From the Parish News – November 2022.

A large number of village neighbours joined the family and friends of Vaughan Lewis at the Waveney Memorial Park and Crematorium on Friday 14th October.

Many family memories were shared with tributes from his daughters Carenza and Justinia, and poems read by his grandchildren Anna and Euan, also his nephew Marcus. A visual reflection recorded some moving memories of his life while being accompanied by Kathryn Jenkins singing the Hymn “Cwm Rhondda” - Bread of Heaven, reflecting his Welsh background. The Service was relayed to his dear wife Verity whose ill health prevented her from attending the Service.

Vaughan came to Denton with Verity early in their married life when they bought Whitehouse Farm in the early 1960's, moving from a busy life in the City of London. It was not long before Vaughan showed his business prowess as he bought neighbouring farmsteads in Denton as they became vacant, selling the farmhouses on and accumulating the land to around 800 acres to be farmed with modern techniques. He caused a bit of a national stir when in the “eighties” after the EEC brought in the “Set-a-side” regulations when each farm had to take 10% of land out of production, he bucked the trend and put the whole farm into the scheme after sowing it down to grass.

Vaughan soon became well known in the area; he enjoyed his daily visits to the local hostelries, always drawing a group with his sense of humour and sceptical outlook. He loved nature and was very proud of the Barn Owl nesting in his barn; he would often be found out on the meadows relaxing while feeding tit-bits to his pet donkeys. He especially loved classical music and literature, and delighted in travelling around the world to exotic countries.

Our sympathy and condolences go to Verity, Carenza and Justinia with his grand-children and close family. His ebullient, friendly character will live in our memory for many years.


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