Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Charles Christian. 3rd July 1950 – 23rd September 2022

From the Parish News – December 2022.

It was an immense shock to hear the sad news of the sudden death of Charles. His funeral took place at St. Mary's Church Denton on November 7th.

The Eulogy was given by Gill Hipwell who told of his childhood in Scarborough when, while his parents were working long hours in their shop, he would use his imagination to entertain himself, roaming around the local Castle and beach combing. He said his best find was an unexploded hand grenade which he took home and secretly hid under his bed for several years ! He left grammar school and went on to Leeds University gaining a degree in politics before going on to train as a barrister, however he found more satisfaction in journalism, writing became his real calling as he became a freelance journalist in a wide variety of subjects, winning awards including Reuters Journalist of the year and BT Technology Journalist of the year.

In the mid eighties Charles met and married Jane, who worked in Press Relations and Publicity for a legal services organisation.

Around this time with the advanced technology making working from home possible, they decided to leave Fleet Street and come to rural Norfolk where Jane could have her horse, while helping him with the project of writing his own newsletter on Technology for Lawyers. This was an instant success and, as well as being asked to speak on the subject both here and abroad, he was still writing a column in a law magazine until a few months ago.

Charles had always had a desire to write fiction, with more time during retirement he began to write short stories with a particular passion for science fiction and folklore. He had a delight in researching into weird tales of ancient origin, his recent publication “Shuckland” is one of his latest works about folklore and legends in the local area.

He also loved listening to music with a broad taste in styles acting as DJ on local radio stations and his own internet radio stations. His keen interest in poetry was also important in his life editing and adding to several collections.

He will be remembered by his many friends as being unconventional, but really clever and resourceful with an amazing memory, always humorous, witty and, above all, a very dear husband to Jane.

Our Sympathy and condolences go out at this very sad time to Jane and their many friends

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