Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Keith Mead 1926 – 2014

From the Parish News – November 2014

Keith Mead died on August 21st aged 88 years.

Keith and his wife Moya became regular members of the Church in Denton in the mid-1990s after moving Ashington to Wortwell. This followed several caravan holidays there where they enjoyed their shared hobbies of bird-watching, walking and a general love of the countryside.

Keith had a very eventful career following his service in the Royal Navy during World War 2 when he served on mine-sweepers in the Far East. In 1950 he joined the Ministry of Defence as a Scientific Officer. He worked on Foulness Island and travelled around the world testing munitions including atomic weapons. He was actually engaged on Christmas Island working on the tests of the atomic bomb.

In 1947 Keith married Rita who ten years later gave birth to their daughter Glynis. After Rita's death Keith met Moya who was widowed with two children, Kathleen and Robert. They all joined together to become a devoted family which in due course shared grandchildren and great-grandchildren. After moving to Wortwell Keith and Moya became involved with the community life around Harleston and the surrounding villages joining a range of clubs and societies. They also enjoyed their holidays both in the UK and abroad, including a memorable visit to China.

Around five years ago Moya was very seriously injured in an accident at the junction of Tunbeck Road. However after extensive reconstructive surgery she bravely returned as far as possible to a normal life helped immensely by Keith's tender loving care. After at least a year in a wheelchair she managed to walk again with the aid of walking sticks. Their devotion and courage together was an inspiration to us all.

Our loving sympathy and condolences go to Moya and all their family at this sad time. We in Denton will certainly miss his cheerful company.

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